Kitchen Cabinets for an Eclectic Style

Are you thinking of modernizing your kitchen design but don’t want a complete overhaul? Maybe you’re happy with your flooring or wall color, but there’s something making the room look dated. There’s no need for a full remodel, as simply replacing your kitchen cabinets gives the room a whole new look. Or incorporate eclectic elements into a complete kitchen remodel to achieve a one-of-a-kind look. Contemporary style is all about eclecticism and expressing your personality. Mix and match what you love but follow these 5 simple rules to take your kitchen from humdrum to fabulous, just by swapping cabinets!

1. What Style to Choose?

An eclectic kitchen isn’t about throwing everything together. You should incorporate themes to differentiate areas of your kitchen and avoid looking chaotic. For example, kitchen cabinets can differ from the style of your table for example, but your main cabinetry should stick to a single style. This way you can choose faucets, handles and countertops in the same style as your cabinetry so it all ties together for a polished look. Add personal accessories for character, but curate them carefully

2. Include Texture.

Don’t overlook texture when planning your eclectic kitchen design. There are so many ways to include it in your cabinetry from hardware and different types of glass fronts. Your backsplash can really add a wow factor with materials like copper, exposed brick, or an array of unusual tiles. Countertops made of wood, stone, quartz or marble, with a smooth waterfall finish at the side, really stand out. You can always mix up countertop materials with different sections for chopping and baking. If you have open shelves or glass front cabinets, display items that have interesting textures. Your personality really shines through here and it brings even more to the eclectic look.

3. Be Brave with Color.

Color is a key element of eclectic design. When deciding on a cabinet style, try to include a contrasting color to other elements of your kitchen design. There’s no reason why you can’t go for neutral cabinets in an eclectic kitchen, but introduce color around them on walls, accessories and maybe colored glass fronts. Color blocking with cabinetry is a brave choice, but easy to do and gives stunning results.

4. Consider your Island.

The style of your main cabinetry could differ from your island cabinets in an eclectic kitchen design, but they must still complement each other. Go as bold as possible when choosing the contrasting style and make a big statement. Keep your barstools in the same style as the island. Choose whatever fits your personality for the cabinets, but make sure they are a complementary style to avoid making your work zone look chaotic.

5. Look at Lighting.

Incorporating lighting into your cabinetry adds warmth and sophistication, while also enhancing your kitchen’s lighting scheme. Illuminate glass front cabinets, put strip or recessed lighting under cabinets and include task lighting over worktops. Either keep the colors the same as other light fittings or keep the light fixture style similar but with a different finish. The choice is yours and the result will be subtle but striking.

Why not try an on-trend eclectic look, with minimum upheaval, for your kitchen design? There are many styles and combinations, but by following the simple rules of color, theme and texture you can easily achieve this look with new cabinets. Explore our kitchen gallery and talk to our kitchen design experts about changing up your cabinets for the latest, eclectic style.