Designer Cabinets, Countertops and More to Remodel Your Kitchen

We hope that meeting with our talented kitchen designers & remodelers in St. Clair Shores will be a life-changing (or at least room changing) experience.  We are ready to take your ideas, hopes and dreams and translate them into the new kitchen, kitchen renovation or kitchen remodeling you've always wanted. 


Many people visit our kitchen and bath showroom thinking that they need to have the layout of their new kitchen already planned, and that they are coming in only to select materials such as cabinetry or countertops.  Material selection is important, but it is more important that your kitchen renovation is an outward representation of your personal style and your functional requirements.  

We encourage you to come in with an open mind.  Like consulting a doctor or a mechanic, meeting with a designer should involve using their expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals.  Count on us to come up with new and creative solutions to your kitchen remodeling problems, to make the best use of your space, and to advise you on how to meet your creative goals while staying within your budget.  We will have your best interests at heart, because we’ve found that establishing a trusting relationship leads to return business and referrals.

Good kitchen design is a result of science meeting art.  We understand the scientific principles of ergonomics as it relates to how the human body operates in a kitchen for the tasks being performed.  Questions we typically answer for our clients include: How high should a microwave be mounted? Is the work triangle still a necessary design principle? Will I find the noise level on this hood too loud?

We are also up to date on the latest design trends, whether it be a particular type of countertop material, the latest finishes on cabinetry, or new appliances.  Are glass countertops an option for my kitchen?  What is the wood type and finish of the kitchen cabinets in this picture of a kitchen I like?  What is magnetic induction cooking and is it right for me?  It is our job at Woodmaster Kitchens to be able to address these questions and more.  If we do not know the answer, we will investigate it and find out for you.

The same principles hold true for construction expertise.  We are a licensed, fully-insured contractor.  This involves an educational background as well as real world experience in construction techniques.  Can this wall be moved or removed? Can you correct the sloping floor in the corner?”  Is this a load-bearing wall and how does that affect my project?  In addition to our own knowledge, we have access to architects and structural engineers with an expertise in kitchen renovation.

Have we convinced you?  Come in, let us get you started.  We think you’ll be more than happy with the results.