The Latest in Bathroom Cabinetry Styles

Bathrooms have become more than just a functional space when it comes to home design trends.  Today’s bathroom design trends reflect the modern bathroom as a place to relax, unwind, or get ready for the day.  This means bathroom styles closely follow other areas of the home, and bathroom cabinetry is no exception.  Classic cabinetry lines are always in style, but industrial design is still big, and the minimalist cabinetry is ideal for spa style bathroom designs. Read on to find out more about 2019’s bathroom cabinetry styles.


Choose a furniture style vanity on legs to give your bathroom design character.  Or go for a floating model to increase floor space, with adjustable floating vanities increasingly popular. Just make sure that you plan to also replace flooring when installing a floating vanity if your current cabinet is fixed to the floor. Wood is always popular for bathroom vanity cabinets, as it brings warmth and calmness to any room.  A wooden vanity is an investment in furniture, not just bathroom fixtures, and will enhance the style and value of your home. 


Black has taken over from gray of late as a top trend and features a lot in light fixtures, hardware and plumbing accessories. It is also starting to appear in vanities, especially against neutral surroundings, as industrial bathroom design is on the rise. Dark gray with black accents is another way to incorporate this trend if you don’t want all black cabinetry. White countertops are a perfect foil to black cabinetry offering a sleek contrast to this strong style statement.  Entirely white cabinets are always in style, and for this reason are ideal if you are decorating to sell. If you would rather go for a color, blue and green are appearing in bathroom design after exploding onto the world of kitchen interiors. Introduce them as a burst of color in your cabinetry, complemented by brass or rose gold hardware. 


Contemporary bath design promotes a sleek appearance in the room’s design, which brings calmness to our busy lives. Storage plays a big part in this as it is essential to de-cluttering your bathroom design. Try to make your bathroom storage as discreet as possible and take advantage of the array of bathroom storage accessories available to create customized storage for all your needs. Corner cabinets, medicine cabinets, storage over toilets, and vanity drawers, shelves, and pull-outs take care of all your everyday clutter.  This leaves you free to display special things such as luxurious towels and scented candles on trendy open shelving.



Bathroom countertops come in a variety of materials, such as quartz, granite, concrete, marble, and more.  Investigate the practical side to see which material will best suit your needs and consider how it will complement your chosen cabinetry style.  Like kitchens, many bathroom designs are using engineered quartz for their countertops. Since it is a non-porous material, they’re low maintenance, very durable, and stain resistant. They can mimic most finishes and come in a host of colors to perfectly compliment your cabinetry. What’s not to love?


Hardware is to cabinetry like jewelry is to a favorite outfit.  Use your hardware to accessorize your vanity cabinet by selecting a tone that will make your cabinet finish pop.  Thankfully there are many choices available, and your bathroom design expert can help you find the perfect one for your style.  The warmer tones of brass and gold are still popular, as is brushed nickel, which resists water stains and matches any cabinetry finish. Chrome is a more budget-friendly choice that adds sparkle to a design, and matt black handles bring a sophisticated edge to your bathroom design.  If you want to go for high fashion, rose gold is bang on trend as blush pink is one of the top colors of the season. The best thing about hardware is that you can keep up to date and easily change it whenever you like.

There’s more to bathroom cabinetry than storage. The current trends of industrial and minimalist design mean you can go as edgy or as simple as you like and then have fun accessorizing. Have a look at our bathroom gallery for relaxing spa bathroom designs and crisp, cool color schemes. Call us today and our designers will be happy to advise on any aspect of your bathroom remodel and guide you along the way.