Pedal Valves

Pedal Valves, Inc. foot-operated valve was inspired by the faucets used by surgeons; it allows hands free operation of a faucet.  You can leave the temperature and volume to the settings you like, and either activate a momentary stream of water as needed, by pressing on the foot pedal, or engage the latch with your foot for a continuous flow.


The valve helps you conserve water by allowing you to use only the amount needed.  It also protects your immediate environment against contamination; you no longer have to touch the faucet to get the water you need.


The valve is mounted under the sink and is connected to the faucet.  The pedal itself is located in the toekick of the sink cabinet.  The unit can coordinate with your decor.   The pedal is available in a variety of finishes to match other pieces in the kitchen, including aluminum, white, bone, brass, chrome, nickel or oil rubbed bronze.


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