6 Smart Tips To Make The Most of A Small Kitchen Space

6 Smart Tips To Make The Most of A Small Kitchen Space.png

Many people would love to have their dream kitchen. Perhaps the size of your current home and its kitchen makes this difficult to achieve. At Woodmaster Kitchens, our team of kitchen designers and contractors in the Detroit, Michigan area are experienced at getting the most out of whatever space you have available when doing a kitchen remodeling project. Let's go over a few helpful suggestions for getting the most value and functionality out of a kitchen with limited space.

Take Full Advantage of Vertical Space

When you have a small kitchen, you need to use the available space in all directions. If there's a section of countertop that has no cabinets above it, consider having cabinets or open shelving installed. Putting plates and other items on these shelves can free up room in any cabinets or drawers you have under the countertop. You can maximize the available space for storage if you opt for cabinets and have them go all the way up to the ceiling. Needless to say, unless you're tall enough to try out for the NBA, you'll want to store items you use least often in the uppermost part of these cabinets, and make sure you have a footstool handy when you do need something up there.

Install Cabinets That Pull out

This doesn't actually give you more space in a small kitchen, but it does make it more accessible. Few of us like to lean far forward to have to stretch to the back of a cabinet to search for and grab something we need for cooking. Pull-out cabinets let you have easy access to everything just as you would in a bigger kitchen that had more cabinets that didn't need to be as deep to hold the same amount.

Have an Undermount Sink Installed

This type of sink gets its name from the fact that the edges of the sink lay underneath the surface of the countertop. This creates a flush surface between the countertop and your sink. It also has the effect of giving you slightly more counter space, and in a smaller kitchen, you want every inch of space you can free up.

Be Creative With Your Cutting Board

Instead of looking for room to put your cutting board when starting to prepare dinner, just slide it out from under your countertop. By building your cutting board into the space just below a section of your countertop, it's handy whenever you need it and disappears again at a small push of your hand when it's no longer needed.

Try Converting to an Open Kitchen

If your kitchen is surrounded by four walls, consider having a contractor knock down one or two of those walls to create a more open floor plan around this room. Perception plays a huge role in how big a room appears. Opening up the kitchen to the dining room will suddenly appear to add the space of another room to your kitchen. These types of open plans are also popular in today's real estate market, so they may be seen as a more valuable design feature by prospective home buyers.

Design Inspiration for a Small Kitchen

At Woodmaster Kitchens, our kitchen designers in the Detroit, MI area can help you maximize your enjoyment out of every square inch of kitchen space you have available. With our many years of experience, we can make helpful suggestions that can point you in the right direction for a kitchen you'll love. We're your one-stop shop for kitchen designers in Warren, MI, Detroit, MI and the neighboring towns and cities.

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