Frequently Asked Questions

Once I contract you for our project, how long will it be until you start?

Work on your project is usually scheduled to begin once we are certain all the required materials are available for the job. Cabinetry and special order items usually take the longest to come in. Cabinets delivery times may take four to eight weeks. Special order items such as exotic tiles may take eight to ten weeks.  


How long does a kitchen or bathroom remodel take to complete?

Our typical kitchen remodel takes four to eight weeks. If you select certain countertops, they cannot be “templated” until cabinets are in place. These countertops can be fabricated and installed in approximately 10 days. Our customers are given a copy of their work schedule prior to the start of the job, which lets them know what work we are projecting will occur on any given day.  


What does a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project cost?

To a large extent costs are governed by the choices you make in cabinetry, materials and finishes.  On average, a bathroom with moderate product selections can range from $18,000 to $22,000.  Our average kitchen with moderate product selections can range from $25,000 to $40,000.

We are happy to give you options and advise that can help you meet your budgetary needs.


How does your payment system work?

We typically have a Design Agreement in the early stages of a job. Should you go ahead with your project, the cost of this is rolled back into the job. At the time you contract your job, we usually receive a deposit for 50% of the project total. At the time of cabinet delivery, another 35% is due. At the time of "substantial completion of project" another 10% is due. The final payment of 5% is due upon "agreed upon completion of project."

Payment for additional work or items not included in the original contract are covered under an Additional Work Authorization. Typically the cost for these are due prior to the work being done or the item being ordered.


I always hear horror stories about contractors taking too much time to do the project, with unnecessary delays. How do you avoid such problems?

First, through our contract pages, which insure that all selections have been made and the work described fully before anything is ordered. We then utilize a unique purchase order system that allows us to track orders, inspect items when they arrive, and store your materials in our warehouse preparatory to staging your job. We do not be

gin your job until we know the materials necessary to move forward are in and ready. Only then does the project manager schedule the subcontractors and installation personnel.  


Do I have to purchase all of my materials through your showroom?

No. While you might think supplying your own materials from the local home improvement store will save you money, the quality and performance of your product should also be considered. In addition to fine cabinetry, we also offer access to plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, cabinet hardware, bath accessories, flooring, closet systems, and many other items. We are members of the SEN Design Group which allows us to sell you unique, high quality items not seen in other showrooms. Of course, we are happy to accommodate the use of items purchased on your own.  


Do I have to utilize only your subcontractors?

No, although we feel it is a wise idea to buy your cabinetry and have it installed by the same party who has designed your project. While we encourage taking advantage of our proven subcontractors, you may certainly perform a portion of the work yourself, or bring in your own trades people for all or a portion of the project. Should you or they need some guidance, our project manager can assist with any necessary explanations.  

If you have a question you would like us to answer, please contact us.