Customized Kitchen Design Storage For Your Home

Get the most out of your next kitchen remodel with customized storage for small items.

Kitchen storage is always a priority, whether you love to cook or not. Often the smallest things are the most challenging to organize, and that’s where customized storage comes in. You need every inch of your kitchen design to be functional yet stylish. You also want to access items easily without searching through endless gadgets, measuring jugs, and utensils. There’s a huge selection of customized kitchen design storage options, all of which are guaranteed to bring your kitchen (and your culinary skills) back to life.

Here are a few ideas for how to tackle kitchen storage for the multitude of small items that every busy kitchen requires.


At the beginning of the kitchen remodeling process, prioritize what you need to store, making the most of the space available. Decide what pots, utensils and spices you use most frequently and then figure out the best place for them. Once they’re easy to access then everything else will fall into place in your kitchen design plan.


For your large kitchen cabinets install pull-out shelves and racks so nothing gets lost at the back, such as in this customized kitchen design unit in Grosse Pointe Farms.

Keep your small appliances in a cabinet with built-in power outlets and simply slide them out when in use. Long utensils can be vertically stored in cylinders standing upright in deep drawers or in customized storage pull-outs with built-in storage accessories.  Tray dividers also work well in a cabinet over a refrigerator or a lower cabinet to keep cutting boards and cookie sheets organized and accessible.

Appliance lifts are an ingenious way of bringing heavier appliances like a stand mixer up to your level without straining your back. Think about what suits your needs and your kitchen design expert will provide solutions such as pot lid holders mounted inside cabinet doors.


Corner cabinets can be some of the most difficult spaces to reach in your kitchen storage, but thankfully there are accessories specially designed to tackle this otherwise awkward space.  Options such as Lazy Susans or shelf extensions make it easy to access and clean corner cabinets. Specially designed pull-out or swing out storage accessories turn this otherwise inaccessible space into a storage dream, that will also help you de-clutter counter space.


Drawers can be organized to accommodate contents of all shapes and sizes. Dividers, peg systems, slots and boxes are all excellent options. Consider inserting dividers diagonally for longer utensils or try lining drawer bases with cork tiles to ensure small items stay put. You can even get drawer systems specially designed to organize spices and other small bottles.


Customized appliance garages typically take advantage of an otherwise awkward corner of your counter space to store small appliances and gadgets. Toasters, coffee machines, tea and coffee canisters, or blenders can be housed together here. Hatches, sliding or rolling doors conceal all and keep counters clear to ensure your kitchen remodel is clutter- free.


A customized pantry lets you fit everything into one handy area, whether you have space for a walk-in pantry or one integrated into your kitchen cabinets. During the kitchen design process, decide what you’re going to store in the pantry and adjust the shelves and drawer sizes so they will be the correct height for any small gadgets or food items. Drawers and customized pull-outs work especially well in the pantry, making the most of a compact space housing a variety of contents.


Not all small items need to be hidden away. Some are beautiful and add to the style of your kitchen design. Stainless steel, on trend colors and interesting shapes or textures all add to your kitchen design and should be displayed. As well as open shelving, mugs and pots can be hung on hooks over islands, wall racks or at either end of your customized kitchen cabinets.

There is an infinite number of ways to maximize storage space with customized kitchen solutions. Once your counters are clear and what you need is an arm's length away your kitchen design will serve your practical needs while also enhancing the style of your home. Check out our kitchen design gallery for more storage ideas and contact us today to get started on your dream kitchen remodel.