Add Warmth to Your Bathroom Design

We may be in the depths of winter, but inside your home is a cozy retreat from the harsh weather.  This applies to all areas of your home, including the bathroom design.  You start your day in the bathroom in the morning and end your day there getting ready for bed, so why not make it extra cozy by adding features designed to help your bathroom design be a warm, inviting retreat from the cold weather.  If you are planning a bathroom remodel soon, keep these tips in mind so your bathroom is winter-weather ready for next year.

From the floor up, here are our top tips for adding warmth to your bathroom design:

Step onto a Warm Floor:

Due to the high moisture content in a bathroom, tile is the most popular choice for a bathroom floor as it is stylish and practical.  Tiles come in an array of colors, shapes, and sizes, and they tend to be moisture resistant and durable.  Get tiles with some texture for your bathroom floor, as they are more slip-resistant.  Unfortunately, tile materials also feel cold underfoot, which is not a pleasant sensation when you are stepping into the bathroom on a cold, dark winter morning.  Combat this chill by adding fluffy bathmats in key locations, or for a larger bathroom by including an area rug or runner (find one that can easily be pulled up and cleaned). 

Better yet, in a bathroom remodel, budget for radiant underfloor heating.  This type of heating is an ideal complement to your standard heating system and comes in two types – electric and hydronic (or water based).  Electric is easier to install in a small space like a bathroom, and underfloor heating offers energy efficiency in the long run and adds value to your home.  Plus, there is nothing quite like the sensation of stepping onto a warm floor and feeling the heat rise from your feet up through the room.

Warm Up While You Get Clean:

There is nothing that can warm you up as much as a hot shower, especially after you have been outside in the cold.  Have all your favorite soaps and hair products ready to go so you can enjoy your shower in peace, ideally placed in a shower storage solution like a storage niche or built-in corner shelf.  If you are considering a bathroom renovation, then these storage accessories can be easily included in your shower design.  Consider adding a rainfall showerhead or massaging shower panels for a truly relaxing experience, and if space allows include a built-in shower bench so you can soak up the steam and have a genuine spa experience.

If a soak in the bathtub is your idea of pure bliss, make sure your tub is up to the task. Install a deep tub that retains heat well so you can immerse yourself in warmth.  Position your tub so you have a shelf or other storage nearby where you can keep bath bubbles handy and place candles to make your bath feel even cozier. 

Wrap Yourself in Warmth:

Make sure you always have dry, clean towels ready and waiting so you are not left shivering when you step out of the shower or bath.  Start with well-positioned towel bars, rings, or hooks positioned just outside your shower and near the bathtub.  You could also include storage in your vanity cabinet, a small linen cabinet in the bathroom, or an open shelf for spare towels.  Be sure to include extra hooks to hang up fluffy bathrobes, an essential item on cold winter days.  Even better, include radiator towel warmers in your bathroom design.  They provide an additional heat source in your bathroom and offer a place to hang towels, so they are dry and toasty warm when you need them.

Brighten Up Those Dark Days:

Winter can seem never ending when the days are short, so it’s important to make sure your home is a bright, cheery refuge.  Add colorful accent towels or storage containers to your bathroom, paint a feature wall in a vibrant color, or include a bright tile accent in your next bathroom remodeling plans.  Make sure your lighting is up to the task too, by including plenty of task lighting as well as ambient light in your bathroom design.

There are plenty of ways to make your bathroom a cozy retreat during the cold winter weather.  Start with our top tips here and then visit our bathroom design gallery for more inspiration.  If you are considering a bathroom remodel, contact us to learn more from one of our experienced design professionals.