Make Your Freestanding Tub a Bathroom Design Focal Point

Do you look forward to a luxurious bath at the end of a long day? Then, take your love of baths and transform your tub into the focal point of the master bathroom design!

Renovating and designing a bathroom can be a stressful endeavor. There are so many details to focus on, it’s easy to get caught up in the trivial ones. Instead of creating a space with several competing elements, choose one and make it a focal point. Developing the remaining space around the focal point will allow you to build a warm and inviting room.

No matter your bathroom design style, Woodmaster Kitchens can turn your bathroom dreams into a reality. Here is some inspiration to get you started with creating a bathroom design with a luxurious freestanding tub as your style focal point:



Playing with different shapes and perspectives is a creative way to construct a focal point. This transitional bath includes a rounded, freestanding tub, which nicely contrasts the sharp angles of the bathroom cabinetry. The tub is positioned near the windows, so the bather can enjoy the view outside.

Clawfoot Tub

Clawfoot tubs are an iconic choice if you want to give your bathroom design a vintage feel. Embellish the tub with darker hardware and add textured wallpaper for a truly antique look!

Soaker Tub

Relax your stresses away in a soaker tub. These tubs are typically deeper, holding more water than traditional tubs, making them ideal for long, luxurious bubble baths!


Comfy Corner

To create a focal point in your bathroom design, while maximizing your space, position your tub in the corner of the room. The tub in this beach style retreat is strategically placed between the his and hers vanity and under the window to provide the bather some natural light while relaxing.

An Alcove

Placing your tub in an alcove is almost a natural way to ensure it’s the focal point of the room. To draw more attention, add further embellishments, such as a tile floor feature surrounding the bathtub or French doors for added privacy.

Front and Center

In a large master bath design, you could position the tub in the center of the room. If you have the space, and a bath is your passion, then why not? Give your freestanding tub center stage and build the rest of your bathroom around it.

Design Elements

Artful Impressions
Placing distinct and colorful artwork or a mirror above or behind the bathtub is a fantastic way to make this the focal point of your space.  In this stylish bathroom design in Rochester Hills, the bright and cheery artwork draws your attention to the freestanding tub.


If you’re not undergoing a complete bathroom remodel, but still want to draw more attention to your tub, consider enhancing the area with tile or wallpaper with a fun pattern (so many fun options that paint doesn’t offer!).  

Extras - Shelves

For added functionality and ease, install shelving for various toiletries, or a built in ledge or niche near the tub. Even better, include a towel warmer to ensure you always have cozy towels ready when you finish your bath. 

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