5 Ways To Warm Up Your Kitchen Design

It may be cold outside, but your home can be a refuge from the winter chill and dark evenings.  From a roaring fire in the living room to extra warm blankets for those cold nights, there are ways to make every room in your home extra cozy during the winter months. 

What about your kitchen?  The kitchen is the hub of the home, so don’t forget to look for ways to warm up your kitchen design. There are some easy steps you can take today, and some you can plan to include in your next kitchen remodeling project.

1.      Light it Up

We may have passed the shortest day of the year, but it still gets dark early! These long, dark evenings can make everything seem colder, plus the lack of sun can sap your energy.  Use your kitchen design lighting scheme to brighten up the room while cooking dinner, dining, or sipping a glass of wine. 

A well-planned kitchen lighting design includes multiple layers of lighting, including task, ambient, and accent lights, and ideally has some ability to control lighting levels.  Under-cabinet and in-cabinet lights are ideal, as well as toe kick lights under the island or base kitchen cabinets. 

For now, supplement your kitchen lighting with a well-placed decorative lamp, and be sure to improve your lighting in your next kitchen remodel.  You could also place scented candles on the island and dining table. Candles bring a sense of warmth, add a pleasing glow to the room, and can also boost your spirits with both their light and scent.

2.      Accent with Warm Colors

Kitchen designs tend to be a neutral color palette, but this does not mean your kitchen has to feel cold and purely functional.  If you are getting ready to change up your kitchen, you might consider accenting a white kitchen design with a warm wood finish island or a colorful backsplash.  Bright splashes of color can really bring warmth to a kitchen in everything from your countertop to artwork and cushions for island barstools.

There are plenty of small ways you could add a warm color to your kitchen right now.  Even a vase of flowers or a bowl of fruit sitting on the island can brighten up the kitchen.  Adding towels, oven mitts, or brightly colored small appliances can all lift the spirits with a splash of color.  If you have a comfortable chair in your kitchen or an adjacent living area, bring in throw pillows and blankets in a favorite bright color.

3.      Elements of Nature

Winter usually means we are spending more time indoors, so why not bring some elements of nature inside.  Green plants or potted herbs in your kitchen add color and can boost the oxygen in your indoor spaces.  If you want to really go green, a wall-mounted herb garden will keep you growing fresh herbs all year round.  Natural wood can also keep you connected to nature, while adding texture to any kitchen design.  Try adding natural wood floating shelves, a sliding barn door, or rustic wood barstools. 

4.      Get More from Your Metal

Metal features throughout a kitchen design, from appliances to kitchen cabinet hardware to light fixtures.  While chrome and nickel are popular for kitchens, warmer finishes have made a strong comeback in recent years.  From bronze to brass, gold to copper, and much more, these warm metal tones have become very popular for kitchen cabinet hardware, particularly as they accent some of the latest popular colors like navy blue and dark green so well.  These metal shades are also ideal for light fixtures but can also be found in copper sinks or appliance finishes.

5.      From the Ground Up

Stepping onto a cold kitchen floor can leave you feeling chilled to the bone.  Combat this during the winter months by adding cozy area rugs, mats, or runners.  Choose rugs in warm colors, vibrant patterns, or with cozy vintage charm – anything that will keep your feet warm and brighten up your space.  Better yet, if you are considering a kitchen remodel look at adding underfloor heating to your kitchen design to make walking on your kitchen floor a treat for your feet!

Don’t let the chilly temperatures and dark evenings get to you this winter.  Find ways to bring warming influences to your kitchen or any living space during the winter months.  Visit our kitchen remodeling gallery for more ideas on incorporating light, color, and texture in your kitchen design, or contact our design experts today to discuss your requirements.