Popular Kitchen Design Faucet Styles In 2019

Your kitchen faucet is a small, but important element in a kitchen design. It must handle everything from drinking water to cleaning the sink all while fitting in with your overall kitchen design style. Before you get started in picking out styles and finishes, think about how you use your faucet and what features would work best for you. The prospect of so many handles, heights, sprayers and sensors can be overwhelming, so here are 5 tips for choosing the right faucet for your kitchen remodel.


Sink-mounted faucets need to correspond with the number of holes available.  Holes might need to be covered or cut in a pre-existing sink to accommodate a new faucet. One hole for a sink faucet is a popular and modern style, giving a sleek appearance with a single lever to operate the faucet. Two holes let you add a side spray, soap dispenser or another handle. Three holes provide handles for hot and cold water, with four holes meaning you can add a spray or soap dispenser. Sprays are especially useful with a corner mounted faucet as they reach across the sink.

Wall-mounted faucets look very chic but check that the wall has a suitable space above the sink to support a faucet and that the water is directed into the sink. As with any faucet, measure the maximum height available if there’s a cabinet overhead.

Deck-mounted faucets are installed in the countertop between the sink and backsplash. Check that you have enough space to install and maintain a faucet placed here.


Single-handle faucets with levers are easy to work with your elbow when you’re busy handling food. They’re also the ideal solution for households with children or anyone with arthritis as they are easier to operate.

Double-handle faucets mean you can control water flow and temperature with separate handles, which can be replaced more easily when you feel like a change.

Hands-free faucets are a hygienic option as they operate with a motion sensor. They also shut off water automatically, making them a greener option that saves on water usage.


There are many options for where to locate your kitchen sink, and by extension, your kitchen faucet.  When designing your kitchen layout, work with a kitchen design professional to decide the best place to situate your sink.  Do you want it in the perimeter of the kitchen where you can look out the window?  Or, perhaps you would like to put the sink in a kitchen island where you can keep an eye on the kids while preparing food or washing dishes?  Where you position the sink and faucet will impact your faucet style, size, and more.  For example, you would not have a wall mounted faucet if your sink is in the island. Or, you may want to position more than one faucet to maximize the value of a Galley Workstation like this kitchen design in Bloomfield Hills.


There are a number of extra features that can be added to your standard kitchen faucet to enhance its functionality.  For example, an environmentally-friendly aerator on a faucet saves water without reducing pressure and filtering faucets rid the water of any contamination. A pull-down sprayer is a handy addition to your faucet, especially with a professional hose attachment. How about one with steam, mist, jets or pausing buttons? Detachable brushes and pre-set temperature gauges are also available.


After everything else is taken into consideration, which finish is the best one to fit your practical and kitchen design style requirements? It’s a personal choice, and one that should complement the rest of your kitchen hardware. The least expensive option is chrome but bear in mind that it needs to be cleaned daily to remove fingerprints and water spots. Lower maintenance options are nickel, pewter and brass. Oil rubbed finishes come in many colors and hammered, titanium-coated and antique finishes also make for stunning faucets. A Physical Vapor Deposition finish is an extra cost, but wards off corrosion and tarnishing, or go for the slightly less expensive (though also slightly less durable) Spot Resistant finish.

 Why not take a look at our kitchen remodeling gallery for more kitchen design inspiration? Or, contact us today to help choose the right faucet style for your kitchen design!