Latest Trends for Kitchen Design Color In 2019

Whether planning a whole new kitchen remodel, or just putting life into a tired color scheme, here’s a rundown of the latest color trends in kitchen design. Let these ideas offer inspiration to get you started in your next kitchen remodel.

The 2018/2019 season colors range from neutrals to dark greens, blues purples and grays with natural wood and warm shades like orange becoming popular, all accented with metallics. Two-tone kitchen cabinets have become huge, along with contrasting islands and worktops. If you want to stay on trend and go for more than a monotone kitchen design, then you’ve come to the right place.


Blue is the color of the moment in kitchen design, with darker shades being especially popular.  Baby blue and ocean blue cabinetry are also stunning choices and give a coastal feel. Teal and navy make a real statement without being too overwhelming and work well alongside most colors, like this backsplash against white kitchen cabinets.


Gray has now earned its place as the new neutral, providing a backdrop for stronger colors or just combined with other shades of gray. Warm grey works well with white and silver but mid to dark shades of gray are big this season. Greige is a mix of grey and beige, which is slightly warmer than grey and works perfectly with yellow and gold accents. Gray suits every element of kitchen design from cabinetry to backsplashes, countertops to tile floor.


Bright, bold color schemes will continue in kitchen design this year both as pops of color and as a main element of your color scheme (if you are feeling daring). Pantone’s color of the year is ultra violet, fitting into the current trend for using unexpected, bold colors. Dark plum and luxurious purples are also coming into the mainstream as cabinetry colors, not just accents. Why not try petrol green, orange or purple for your cabinetry to give your kitchen the wow factor? 

These colors can be included in a kitchen design in big ways like cabinetry and countertops if you are prepared to commit to a bold color scheme or in smaller ways like a backsplash tile feature, decorative items placed on open shelves, or bright bar stools.  Bold colors are also on trend for appliances, with retro shades like candy apple red among the most popular.


Metallic shades are here to add glamor and sparkle to any kitchen design, like jewelry to complete a stylish outfit.  Gold is now being paired with shades of brown and organic textures for a trendy boho look. Ornate handles and knobs in full metallic glory can be set against traditional or modern cabinet doors to create a style statement. Accent moody color schemes with the shimmer of metallic finish appliances, iridescent backsplashes, lighting fixtures in brass, rose gold or copper, or even a copper sink. Metals work well with industrial themed concrete finishes. Different patinas applied to metallic surfaces vary colors again to give a truly individual color scheme.


Dark hues are still a significant staple in kitchen design but are now being contrasted with light and bright colors incorporated into the design. Dark materials always complement warm wood too, like dark metal stools beside a natural wood countertop, for example. Dark countertops are also excellent to pair with natural wooden cabinets, white kitchen cabinets, or light gray cabinetry. Dark colors and metallics make a dream team with combinations such as dark grey and rose gold or navy and brass.


Monochromatic kitchens are fast becoming a thing of the past as the two-tone trend has gone mainstream. What started as an island in a contrasting color has progressed to using multiple colors in kitchen design. Mixing and matching cabinets so the base level is darker than the overhead level is becoming more popular. 2018 has seen dark neutrals paired with warm nature-inspired tones such as terracotta, mustard or olive greens.


A huge trend for 2018 is nature-inspired colors, with petrol green a popular choice and a refreshing option for kitchen cabinets. Earthy and muted tones sit well alongside natural wood finishes, especially hugely popular bleached wood or oak finishes, which are making a comeback. An emerging trend is to encase appliances in natural materials such as leather, cork and wood veneers to create a statement.

Why not contact our kitchen design experts today to show you the array of on-trend colors available for your kitchen remodel and put the wow factor back in to the center of your home?