Narrow Bathroom Space? No Problem! You Can Still Renovate

Do you have a narrow bathroom? Are you thinking about a bathroom remodel but worried that you’ll have to sacrifice space or style? Fear not, as limited space shouldn’t limit your bathroom design. Challenges such as tight floorspace or a “corridor feeling” can be easily overcome with these tips and tricks. Read on to see how to get the most out of your narrow bath remodel.


First, de-clutter your bathroom and then look at your wall space to figure out what storage will fit where. It’s worth getting custom-built storage units to take care of all bathroom items while making the best use of your bathroom layout. Cleverly designed vanity units can store cosmetics and cleaning products but also laundry and trash. Make the most of your walls with hanging cabinets, floating and recessed shelving.

Recessed storage niches can be used for everything from shower storage to replacing your toilet paper holder.

A recessed medicine cabinet like this bathroom design in Dearborn, MI provides valuable storage without intruding on limited floorspace.


Streamline your bathroom design with an effective layout geared to a narrow room.  This could mean focusing your fittings on a single wall, making it easier to navigate and looking less cluttered. Why not make use of any alcoves or niches in an odd-shaped bathroom design for your sink and toilet? Wall hung vanities and fixtures, or tankless toilets also leave more wall and floor exposed, automatically giving the feeling of extra space.


Narrow, rectangular basins obviously suit a narrow bathroom and are fully functional, while an oval sink in a rectangular vanity frees up counter space. This stunning bathroom remodel in Southfield makes the most of the narrow space with a stylish but slimline cabinet custom designed to fit the space, complete with neat hand basin.

A long, narrow sink would be ideal for two people and takes up less room than a double sink vanity. A slimline tub is a good space saver too, especially when tucked under an eave or into any awkward space.


A tried and tested design trick is to place mirrors, no matter how small, around a room to double its size and reflect light, making it bright and airy. Mirrors at opposite ends of a narrow room will open it up, but a large mirror as a focal point will break up wall space, letting a narrow bathroom feel less like a corridor.  Take over a wall with a large rectangular mirror or try an oval mirror as their long shape gives the illusion of a higher ceiling. 


Light colors make a narrow room appear larger and making feature walls of the short sides will make the space more proportionate. Pale or neutral tiles work well in small spaces, especially when they’re glossy as they reflect light throughout the design. Patterned tiles give character but keep it simple. Consider bringing the same floor tiles right into the shower enclosure to extend the flow of space, along with a frameless glass shower enclosure to make the room feel larger.


Rounded edges on a vanity let you move around more freely and without injury! Corner cabinets can be hung over a toilet or corner trash can. A wall-hung or pedestal corner sink will open up more wall space too. Corner toilets are a fantastic solution for a narrow bathroom like this bathroom design in Southfield.

Narrow bath designs can be just as functional and beautiful as their larger counterparts. Keep your fittings streamlined, use alcoves, and open up the room with light and mirrors. Include wall hung, recessed and corner storage in your bathroom design and keep patterns to a minimum. If you follow these rules your bath remodel is sure to wow! Why not look at our bathroom remodeling gallery for more inspiration or contact our bathroom design experts today to get advice on narrow bathroom design.