Best Ways to Keep a Bath Design Clean and Clutter Free

Do you find yourself tripping over towels and toiletries in your bathroom every day? While you might put things away neatly and try to keep the bathroom cleaned daily, others may not, as it’s a busy place used by the whole family and visitors. To keep it looking good it needs to be easy to clean with adequate storage so there are no excuses for a messy bathroom! A bathroom remodel is the perfect time to win what can feel like a losing battle against clutter and dirt. Plan what is needed at the design stage and then with just a little upkeep your bathroom will be sparkling and the perfect place to relax.


First, have a family meeting to figure out each person’s daily requirements in the bathroom as there might be too many unnecessary items. A bathroom remodel gives you a chance to streamline its contents by throwing away or recycling as much as possible. Only keep essential medications in the bathroom as humidity is not good for them and always keep them out of the reach of children. Once you decide what should remain, plan to use designated drawers and shelves to store essential items, supplemented by decorative jars and baskets to store smaller items.  You should only have soap and lotion on your sink, making surfaces easier to clean.


Vanity cabinets can store things in door-racks, on adjustable shelving, and lazy susans to make it easier to find everything you need.  Custom built storage units are a stylish way of keeping everything you use out of sight, with lesser used products being stored at the back or moved to a hall closet or utility room.  Customized cabinetry can include drawers with built-in sockets for electrical goods, pull-out laundry hampers, and places for everything from trash to styling tools to makeup. Only store decorative objects on open shelving but keep them to a minimum to avoid them becoming dust catchers. Rolled up towels, baskets of extra toilet paper, apothecary jars of cotton balls and soap dishes are pretty, yet functional.

SHOWER POWER                                                                       

Rinse your shower every day to keep the glass and tiles sparkling.  The more minimal the shower design, the easier it is to maintain. A frameless shower door or open shower in your bathroom remodel will enable you to clean it in half the time. Also keep cleaning products in handy customized storage to make wiping down showers and tubs an effortless routine.  A squeegee kept in or near the shower can make cleaning the glass shower enclosure a daily routine for the whole family, to keep hard water and soap residue from permanently etching the glass over time.  If you have soap build up and are finding it difficult to clean the shower door try using a dryer sheet, which can work wonders on clearing that soap scum you never thought would disappear!


Include well-placed hooks on walls and doors to effortlessly take robes and clothes and add towel bars or a radiator style towel warmer beside the shower or tub. Make sure you include corner and niche shelving around tubs and in showers, as they are essential to keep toiletries tidy and accessible.


Discarded towels, cleaning products and awkwardly shaped furniture or fittings can make it difficult to properly wash bathroom floors, especially in a small bathroom design. Use your customized storage to solve this problem, ensuring every towel and bathroom product has a home and does not end up on the floor.  Include clever bathroom design styles such as floating vanities or wall hanging toilets to give easy access to your floor. Also, choose a floor surface that will keep looking like new, such as large, non-porous tiles with minimal grouting                                                                                

Once your bathroom renovation is complete, you want it to stay looking good as new for years to come.  Thankfully, designing a bathroom that is easy to keep clean and clutter-free has never been so easy. Work with your bathroom design experts to create a bathroom that is a joy to be in, by including customized storage along with hygienic but stylish surfaces. Check out the easily maintained bathroom designs in our gallery or call us today to start planning your dream bathroom remodel.