Get Your Kitchen Design Holiday Ready

The holiday season is here! The best part about this time of year is spending time with family and friends, but this can also bring added stress if you are hosting events at your house. A kitchen designed with entertaining in mind means there really is no need to worry about hosting parties. 

Establish your needs at the start of the kitchen design process. Will your parties be casual buffets or formal seated meals? How many people will you expect over the year and will you do all the cooking? Do you have enough space to store and reheat any food brought by guests? A few simple design tricks mean that your kitchen remodel can take care of all your holiday needs and you can enjoy the festivities.

What is the best kitchen design for entertaining?

All gatherings inevitably gravitate towards the kitchen. No matter how large or small your party is, letting people move easily between all the entertainment areas is paramount. An open plan kitchen makes this possible and means you don’t miss out on any of the fun! A seamless design between living room and where food and drinks are served means the party won’t be broken up as guests mingle. Go one step further and mount a tv on your kitchen wall, or even on the far side of the island like this kitchen design in Grosse Pointe Woods as well as speakers and docking stations for music. Your open plan kitchen design will ensure no-one misses a beat.

 What seating plan will work for any gathering?

It’s important to have enough seating for all your guests but not to restrict the flow of traffic. Barstools around your island encourage people to enjoy drinks and canapes as you prepare food. A large, comfortable chair in the hallway is perfect for a moment of privacy for guests to have a quiet conversation or make a phone-call. Armchairs and sofas create a relaxing haven in living areas adjoining the kitchen while plenty of chairs or banquette seating around the dining table promotes lively chat. Beg, borrow or steal chairs if you need more for a large gathering and place them in groups, making sure they don’t obstruct pathways to busy areas.

How important is a kitchen’s lighting design for a party?

When designing a kitchen, there’s a lot of emphasis on the lighting scheme to ensure it is functional and stylish. If you include entertaining requirements at the planning stage of your kitchen remodel, then parties will always go off with a bang. This is where multi-layered lighting designs really shine. Strong task lighting lets you prepare and cook with ease, while ambient lighting elsewhere can be adjusted and timed to create the right mood in the right place. A bold light fixture will no doubt get people talking, along with highlighting art or interesting display pieces with accent lighting.

How much storage do I need before and during an event?

There is no reason you can’t have a big party in a small kitchen design. Create your kitchen remodel with entertaining in mind and it will be a piece of cake. Storage is key in a smaller space and clever solutions such as corner kitchen cabinets, sliding shelves and appliance lifts will keep work space clear for food preparation and serving. A beverage bar is a dedicated area for storing and serving drinks and can include coffee machines, mini fridges, wine racks, dedicated kitchen cabinets for glass storage, plus extra counter space for glassware and bottles during the party. A pantry, no matter how compact, always serves you well. Clear out anything past its use-by date and make room to hide unwanted items during the party.

Should I take it outside all year round?

If your kitchen connects to an outdoor space, it’s a shame not to utilize this for a gathering even if temperatures are low. It doesn’t take much to add glamor and warmth to a yard with the help of outdoor heaters and strings of bulbs. Lanterns and candles will encourage people to relax on seating from patio furniture to logs and rocking chairs. A supply of cozy blankets goes down well alongside a large container of ice with perfectly chilled drinks. Music speakers add the final touch to bringing the party outside.

With the right kitchen design elements in place, parties in your kitchen will be ones to remember for the right reasons, not because they caused you stress. Look at our design gallery for further kitchen design ideas or call us today to get your perfect kitchen remodel underway.