Top Questions To Ask Yourself Before A Kitchen Remodel

Most of us decide on a kitchen remodel because our current kitchen design is outdated or dysfunctional. The changes you make should be more about how you want to live than just upgrading appliances and kitchen cabinet storage. It’s a chance to reinvent your style and how you live at home. Think about why your kitchen design no longer works for you. Then consider how it fits into your home, your family, and the way you live.  Often, designing a new kitchen layout can impact on other rooms or even integrate other spaces, transforming your whole house.

To get you started in this transformation, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Should I keep the same layout for my kitchen remodel?

Not necessarily. Just because the position of your sink or appliances worked ten years ago doesn’t mean it will be ideal going forward. Your family situation might have changed, meaning you need more or less refrigerator or table space. Maybe you’ve become more interested in cooking or crafting and need more surfaces and storage. If you’ve taken up gardening you’d like a better view of outside from your kitchen, but also a mudroom to get changed in. While your kitchen is being renovated why not consider underfloor heating? Look to the future so this remodel will suit you for years to come.

What if the shape of my kitchen design doesn’t work for me?

That’s no problem! As well as knocking down walls, you can easily build walls, half walls, or archways, and include other design elements to restructure a space. The kitchen is the hub of modern homes and often incorporates living areas. If you extend your kitchen to add a place to relax, then think about transforming a redundant living or dining room into a study, playroom or bedroom. Your new kitchen space might make you want to entertain more, so get it party-ready with places to prepare food and seat guests. Think about the overall space in terms of zones. Use your architectural elements, kitchen island, or peninsula to maintain an open plan while also separating work zones from dining and entertaining areas.

Can I blend my kitchen into my garden area?

The space outside your door can be tiled or decked and furniture added to make it part of your kitchen. Planters and pots make this area more lush and interesting. Consider a glass roof extending from your house and piped music so you can enjoy relaxing with friends (or getting competitive with table tennis!) all year round.

How can I get more storage than my kitchen design allows for?

When your remodel is underway why not also renovate your pantry, or design a whole new one? This little storage room is invaluable to any kitchen. With custom shelving for food and cabinets for small appliances your new kitchen will be a lot less cluttered and it will take the stress out of preparing meals.

Should I remodel other rooms to make my kitchen more efficient?

Often when one room is renovated, the rooms around it cry out for attention. Look at the spaces attached to your kitchen. Are they being used in the best way possible? Making the most of your laundry room, mud room or even a powder room will directly impact your kitchen remodel. It’s worth re-designing them at the same time and set your mind at ease, knowing that surrounding spaces are as updated, stylish and functional as your kitchen. 

How extensively should I think when planning a kitchen remodel?

When designing a new kitchen, you should literally think outside the box. Examine internal and external doors to decide if they need replacing. Windows, too, are an important element of your kitchen design and it’s as good a time as any to change their position if you’d like more light or a different view. Doing this changes your house’s exterior so factor in painting its facade. Why not try a different color to signal the change that’s taken place inside? The effects of your kitchen design can be far-reaching and positive.

Any changes you decide on to compliment your kitchen remodel can easily be achieved with our expert guidance and execution. Why not look at our kitchen design gallery today for further inspiration? Contact our design team today who will talk to you about easily transforming your home.