How to Pick the Right Cabinetry for Your Bathroom Design

There are many decisions to make when embarking on a bathroom remodel, starting with the big ones like your bathroom layout and ending with small details like the finish of your cabinet hardware.  While the shower, bathtub, and tile are certainly prominent elements of any design, bathroom cabinetry is also a centerpiece requiring careful consideration. Read on to learn more about how to select the right cabinetry to suit your bathroom design.

1.      Which size and shape fit your bathroom design?

Unless you plan to knock down a wall to create a larger space, your bathroom footprint is the starting point for selecting bathroom cabinetry.  Look at the size and shape of your room and consider how best to maximize storage space without overpowering the room.  Whatever you do, don’t go too big with your cabinet, but select one that fits your room and your storage requirements. 

The height of the cabinet may also vary depending on who uses the bathroom.  A standard height is about 32 inches, but you could opt for a different height depending on who will use the room and your chosen sink style.  If you are remodeling a master bathroom and size allows you may want to include a larger vanity cabinet with two sinks.  This usually requires a vanity that is larger than 60 inches wide.

2.      Look at your layout and cabinet mounting style.

The vanity cabinet is a central component of the bathroom layout.  Consider carefully where the vanity will be positioned vis-à-vis other elements of the bathroom design and look at the flow of traffic through the room.  Make sure you can easily open cabinet doors and drawers without interfering with people moving around it, or with the bathroom or shower doors.  Also, be sure you can easily clean in and around the vanity cabinet.  Look at the location of your plumbing and whether this must change to suit your chosen vanity.

3.      Pick the perfect materials and color.

There are a wide range of materials available for vanity cabinets, but keep in mind that this piece of furniture must live full-time in a wet, humid environment and be able to withstand these conditions.  Wood is a top choice for vanities but must be properly sealed and lacquered.  Wood veneers and laminates are also ideal choices.  Your best approach is to work with an experienced bath design expert to find the right material to fit your style and practical needs. 

Cabinet material, door style, and finish may also vary to complement your bathroom design style.  The paint or stain color can really set the tone for a bathroom remodel.  White is still a popular choice for a clean, bright look, but gray has become a top choice as an alternative neutral.  Other options include dark stain or paint, natural wood tones, or earthy tones like beige or brown.  In recent years, bold colors like bright or navy blue have become more popular and create a style statement at the center of any bathroom design, especially when paired with polished brass fixtures or other eye-catching accessories.

4.      Select the right storage solutions.

Whether you have room for a small or large vanity cabinet, maximize your available storage space.  Consider who will use the bathroom and the items you need to have readily available.  Plan your storage accordingly with shelves, drawers, and customized pull-outs so everything has a home.  Cabinets can also be fitted with specialized electronics storage that includes electrical outlets.  If you are looking for extra storage, especially in a small bathroom design, remember to look up!  Include a tower cabinet that sits on top of the vanity or add a shallow wall cabinet above the toilet to utilize your vertical space.

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