A Beverage Center for Every Kitchen Design

Are you planning a kitchen remodel and think there is insufficient space to include a beverage bar?  Are you worried you will give up storage and workspace needed for day-to-day kitchen duties by including a coffee station?  Or, perhaps you think a beverage area is a great idea, but are not sure where or how to incorporate it into your design?  We are here to help!  There is a beverage set up to suit any shape, style, or size kitchen design. 

First, let’s discuss why it is beneficial to incorporate a beverage center.  Food and drink is the heart and soul of the kitchen, but kitchens have also become a focal point for family life and entertaining.  A well-planned layout and workflow is essential to making this multi-functional, busy space operate smoothly.  Most kitchen layouts operate based on work zones, such as food preparation, cooking, clean up, dining/entertaining, and more.  The beverage center is another zone, offering a designated, purpose-built area to store and display beverage supplies and to prepare drinks. 

What does this do for your kitchen design?  This means glasses are handy when pulling a bottle of wine out of your wine refrigerator, or coffee supplies are well organized to accommodate guests during brunch.  When placed away from the main cooking area, a beverage center also offers an accessible place for guests or kids to find their own drinks without interfering with the main workflow of the kitchen.  You can personalize the beverage center to your tastes and the requirements of your household. 

How do you incorporate a beverage center that will work with your kitchen design?  A beverage area fits almost any size kitchen remodel, ranging from a full beverage bar to a simple coffee station or undercounter beverage refrigerator.  Your experienced kitchen design professional will help you asses the best way to meet your needs. 

Here are 10 examples to inspire your design plans.

1.  In a very large kitchen, the sky is the limit.  This kitchen design in Harrison Township, MI includes two islands, one of which is designed only for entertaining.  It includes a full beverage center with a wine refrigerator, sink, and storage, along with a built-in coffee maker nearby.  The beverage center is separated from the work area of the kitchen and located next to the dining/living areas, making it ideally placed for entertaining.

2.  A large room can accommodate a separate beverage bar, like the hutch in this kitchen design in Bloomfield Hills, MI. It offers a distinct space away from the main work area with storage, a sink, second dishwasher, wine refrigerator, and coffee maker.

3.  An undercounter wine refrigerator and storage in the island offers plenty of space for a designated beverage area that is connected to the work area without interfering with cook.

4.  Built-in cabinetry ideally placed near kitchen island seating offers a full beverage center with storage, coffee maker, work space, and a wine refrigerator. 

5.  This simple beverage station offers display storage in glass front upper cabinets with in-cabinet lighting and counter space to prepare drinks.

6.  A small area of built-in cabinetry is set aside to serve as a coffee bar, including storage and space for a coffee maker.

7.  While this built-in coffee station is right next to the kitchen work area, it offers an accessible place for anyone to make a coffee without getting in the way of the cook.

8.  This beverage bar offers something for every taste with a built-in wine rack and undercounter refrigerator, along with ample glass storage.  The countertop hosts a coffee maker and space for preparing drinks.

9.  This small beverage station proves there is always room to fit a designated beverage area, as it uses an otherwise unutilized space to install a small cabinet and countertop for drinks.

10.  Would you believe this is a secondary basement kitchen used for entertaining?  This spacious kitchen design includes a beverage center with undercounter refrigerator, a second sink, glass front cabinets, and storage.