How Color Defines Your Bathroom Design Style

Color inspires and brings out emotions.  It is part of everyday life. We constantly make choices about the colors with which we surround ourselves:  from the crayons we choose as a child to the clothes, cars, and products we select as adults.  Some colors make us happy, while others may bring a sense of anger or foreboding.  Marketing and advertising specialists know this, which is why they choose certain colors for advertisements or company logos. 

It’s no wonder, then, that color is such an essential element of home design.  From the color you paint your bedroom to the flowers you select for a vase on the hall table, we constantly make choices about the colors we want around us.  A bathroom design is no exception.  Bathrooms often follow neutral color schemes, particularly for fixtures that cannot be easily changed, though some take the opportunity of a small room to express themselves through color.  Even if you stick to classic neutral tones, the type of hues you select will set the tone for your space. 

Here are five examples of how color defines your bathroom design style. 

1.       Cool, crisp style

Many neutral color palettes offer a clean, crisp appearance that is ideal for a bathroom design.  Whether you opt for an all-white bathroom remodel or a gray color scheme, these neutral shades give the space a fresh, inviting atmosphere.  White, gray, or even beige tones are all classic options that are not likely to go out of style.  Each has its own unique feel, and even different shades of gray have a variety of undertones that alter the style of the space.  Try out paint, tile, and flooring samples to see which one best suits your space and your personality. 

2.       Natural warmth

If you want to go for a warm, earthy atmosphere, consider incorporating wood tones into your bathroom renovation.  Wood finish vanities, framed mirrors, or even tile features using pebbles bring you back to nature and create a soothing, warm space.  Complement this with tiles and accessories that include earth tones.

3.       Go outside the norm

If the standard neutral palette is not for you, then look at building your color scheme around a favorite hue.  If you love yellow, turquoise, or purple, and are happy to commit to that color then go for it!  Style trends may change, but that color will continue to make you happy and so should be included in your bathroom design.  Just remember that fixtures included in a bathroom renovation are difficult and expensive to change over time, so make sure you are committed to your color choice.  Alternatively, stick to a neutral for fixtures and tiles, and include your favorite color in wall paint or window treatments.

4.       A colorful focal point

Another way to add a favorite color to your design and create an interesting focal point is by selecting one central item for a bright color against a more neutral backdrop.  For example, you could stick to white or gray tiles, wall color, shower, toilet, and other fixtures, but include a vanity painted in a contrasting or bright color.  One example is to select a unique vessel sink in a bright hue that stands out against a white or dark vanity, like this blue glass vessel sink pictured below.

5.       Pop of color with accessories

If you really want to add bright colors, but do not want to commit to a non-neutral color scheme, try including accessories throughout the bathroom design that can be easily changed.  Hang a colorful piece of artwork like the bathroom design in Ann Arbor, MI below left, or place accessories on open shelves in a favorite color.  Adding color to your new bathroom could be as simple as selecting a brightly colored rug or towels.  These can be easily changed, and in fact could be alternated with other accessories to change colors as often as your mood changes!

There are many ways to express yourself through colors, and the style you select for your bathroom is no exception.  Our bathroom gallery has more great bathroom design ideas, or contact us today to get started on creating your ideal space.