Selecting the Right Bathroom Sink

Which feature of a bathroom design must withstand water, soap, toothpaste, makeup, razors, and so much more?  The bathroom sink!  Your product choice must be hard wearing enough to withstand constant use, but also integrate with the style of your bathroom renovation. Depending on the type of sink you choose, it could blend in and complement the surrounding countertop and vanity, or it could stand out as a unique design focal point. 

How do you get started in picking the right one to define your bathroom design style?  Here is our guide to selecting a bathroom sink.

First, consider your household requirements. There is a lot that goes into this assessment, but your bathroom design expert will help you through the process.  Start by considering the type of bathroom you are remodeling.  Is it a master bath, a guest bathroom, a kids’ bath, or a powder room?  How frequently will the bathroom be used?  Perhaps it is a busy main bathroom that will be used multiple times a day by more than one person.  In this case, you might even think about including more than one sink if you have the space.  Or, it might be a guest bathroom that is only used occasionally. 

Kitchen design with two sinks.

Will the sink be used mainly by adults or small children?  This may influence both the material and sink style.  For example, a glass vessel sink is very attractive and serves as a unique centerpiece, like this bathroom design in Farmington Hills, MI.  Paired with the perfect vanity and faucet, it can elevate your bathroom style.  However, in a bathroom used mainly by children, a vessel sink or one made of less durable materials may quickly become a nuisance.  Plan your choices around your requirements and the people who will be using the space.

Powder room with a glass vessel sink.

Next, look at the size and footprint of your room.  How much space do you have? If you are remodeling a smaller room, opt for a sink that does not over power the space and works with a similarly sized vanity cabinet.  Another option in a small room is a pedestal sink, though this means you give up valuable storage space.  A larger bathroom can accommodate any type of sink or even multiple sinks.  Certain styles like a large, trough sink type, require sufficient space.  Talk to your design professional about the measurements of your room before selecting product options.

Large bathroom with two sinks.

Beyond the available space, it helps to examine the existing footprint in your bathroom and how easy it is to change.  Where is the sink located?  Do the pipes come from the wall or the floor?  What about the faucets?  Does your favorite sink style match this footprint?  If it is different, how easy is it to change the footprint and how much will it add to your remodeling budget?  Ask yourself these questions as you consider your bathroom design, and decide if the cost is worth it

Now, consider the sink style that best fits your bathroom design.  A sink is a sink, right?  Well, no, in fact there are many types and it is helpful to understand the terminology before you start shopping.  Sinks can also be found in a range of shapes, including round, oval, rectangular, and asymmetrical.  Material and color choices allow you to further personalize your sink style, along with the faucet style and finish. 

Bathroom design with rectangular sink
Bathroom design with oval sink.

Here are some of the main sink styles to consider when embarking on a bathroom remodeling project:

Top mount, or drop in, sinks are the most common and typically the cheapest to install.  Undermount sinks are fixed to the underside of the countertop. 
Wall-mounted sinks are fixed directly to the wall with no surrounding cabinet. 
Pedestal style sinks are simple and give the space a classic or vintage vibe. 
Semi-recessed sinks are a standard sized sink combined with a shallower cabinet. 
Vessel sinks sit on top of the countertop and serve as a clear design focal point.
All-in-one sinks are a sink and countertop made from the same material.

Understanding the terminology and what questions you need to consider will go a long way in finding the right sink.  Visit our design gallery for more sink styles and exciting bathroom ideas!