Living Through a Kitchen Remodel with Kids

Home renovations can be quite stressful. The projects can drain your energy, space, money, and limit your freedom. It’s even more stressful if you have kids around during renovation. You have probably been visualizing a new kitchen design for ages. Kids shouldn’t be the reason you reschedule your long-planned renovation. So, how do you protect your children from all the chaos and mess unveiled during a remodel?

 Be prepared for changes

You never know what’s coming during those periods when a contractor uncovers some areas of your house structure. Perhaps it’s the dust that makes you allergic, or the contractors won’t show up when you’ve organized a get-away for the kids. Plot a few plans in case things don’t go your way. If you aren’t the type that adapts to change quickly, consider taking your kids to their grandparents’ place when the renovation begins. If you feel like the disruption will be too much for you, take a vacation.

 Make it a family activity

A kitchen renovation isn’t an activity you will have every day. We know how kids can be stubborn, especially when it comes to house chores. However, you might be surprised by how excited they get if you involve them in new tasks. Ask your kitchen remodeling contractors Detroit mi to delegate some of the easy tasks to your kids. If they aren’t going to be directly involved in the renovation process, ask them to transport, offload and clear furnishings and items from the kitchen. This could be fun than most of the normal activities you are used to participating in as a family.

 Move your kitchen elsewhere

Seeing that your kitchen gets most of the attention from the remodeling, you need to set it elsewhere. A remodel could entail of changing cabinets, dusty tasks, demolishing structures, and paintwork. All these tasks make normal kitchen duties a hurdle hence the need to move your furnishings, appliances, and utensils to another room. For a more organized move, pack all items you won’t need during the remodeling process in boxes and store them in a safe place.

 Be safe

We know how kids can get jumpy and unsettled. Amidst all the chaos and mess of construction, your kids could get injured. Keep your eyes on them. Be sure to organize the clutter and building material to prevent accidents such as stepping on nails or broken glass. You could go the extra mile and put up measures to prevent the kids from stepping into the kitchen when it’s under construction.


You don’t have to keep worrying about the kids and renovation. There’s already too much to stress about. Once you have taken the safety precautions, sit back, relax, and let everything take its course.

 Once you are decided on the timing of the kitchen remodel, talk to your contractors about accommodating your children. They should take every measure to ensure that the project is safe for you and your kids. Are you looking to remodel your kitchen with the kids around? At Woodmaster Kitchens, we are customer-eccentric and ready to listen to all your requests and instructions. Call us today!