Ready for a Pre-Holiday Kitchen Remodel?

Do you remember LAST Thanksgiving when you found yourself promising you would get your new kitchen design before family and friends descend on you NEXT Thanksgiving?  If your home is where everyone meets for the holidays, you will be very aware of how important a stylish and well-functioning kitchen design can be.  Your kitchen layout, storage, organization, and appliances all work together to create a space that either makes home life easier and more enjoyable, or a chore every time you walk into the room. 

At no time is this more apparent than the holidays, when you seem to spend all your time in the kitchen, often with extra people in the house and larger than normal meals to prepare.  Lack of storage and poor organization mean you spend the holidays struggling to find the special dishes, tools, and linens you need. It also means you find yourself tripping over guests as they try to pour a drink and talk to you while you cook.  That’s before you even think about your out of date kitchen style, scratched countertop, and worn out kitchen floor.

With four months to go until Thanksgiving and just over 150 shopping days left until Christmas you still have plenty of time to plan holiday meals, do your shopping for even the most difficult to find gifts, and get your guest room ready for visitors.  But, do you still have time to get that much needed kitchen remodeling project done?  While all your thoughts now may be on warm weather and sunshine, barbeques and summer vacation, remember that getting a new kitchen takes time and advance planning.  The last thing you want is to find next Thanksgiving come around and be disappointed that you didn’t act in time. 

Get started today on your research, contact your preferred kitchen remodeling experts to discuss your requirements, and get a plan in place to have your new kitchen ready for the holidays.  To help you plan, here is our brief guide to kitchen remodeling timelines:

Research everything first.

Hold a family meeting to discuss what everyone using the kitchen likes and does not like about the current design.  Put it all down on paper to identify what your goals are before you talk to a kitchen design professional.  Prioritize your requirements so you know your must-have and your nice-to-include items, as this will make it easier to decide what to keep in scope when reviewing your budget and timeline.

Identify a kitchen design professional.

A full kitchen remodel requires bringing in the experts to make sure every detail is taken care of and your project is successfully completed on time and according to budget.  Talk to local friends and family to get recommendations and search online for professionals in your area.  Look at their website and social media portfolios to get a feel for their style and approach. Then, set up appointments with your top choices to discuss your requirements and check their availability.  You want to get on their calendar as soon as possible, because reputable kitchen design companies only take on a certain number of clients to ensure they give each one top notch service.  Plus, that clock is ticking toward the holiday season so act fast!

The planning phase with your chosen design firm takes about 2-8 weeks, depending on your individual project.

Work together with your kitchen design firm to turn your vision into a solid plan.  Your chosen experts should have a design process and experts to help guide you through this and every stage of your remodeling project.  They will also set expectations for the timing of your project and the budget.

Have fun selecting your products and let your remodeling team take care of ordering everything!  Kitchen cabinets have the longest lead time (usually 4-10 weeks to arrive once ordered) and therefore set the timeline.

An experienced design firm will be able to help you find the perfect products for your kitchen remodel, at a price point that satisfies your budget.  Better yet, an established kitchen design firm like Woodmaster Kitchens offers a wide range of displays all in one convenient location, allowing you to view the options firsthand, after which our team can order everything you need.

Now comes the kitchen remodel, which takes about 8 weeks for a standard-sized kitchen.

The 8-week remodeling process will look something like this:

Week 1

  • Remove appliances, cabinets, and floor,

  • Do the rough install for plumbing and electric,

  • Inspections.

Week 2

  • Repair or replace the drywall,

  • Prepare the floor for its new material.

Week 3

  • Install the cabinet and trim,

  • Install hardware.

Week 4

  • Complete the countertop template,

  • Install baseboard, and door and window trim.

Week 5-6

  • Install the floor,

  • Wait for the countertop.

Week 7

  • Install the countertop,

  • Hook up the plumbing,

  • Install the appliances,

  • Start the backsplash.

Week 8

  • Paint the kitchen,

  • And your kitchen remodel is finished!

While this is a typical timeframe, your exact schedule will differ depending on the size and complexity of your project. Your remodeling project manager will manage every aspect of your project and minimize the mess in your home.  Still, a kitchen remodel will create some disruption so avoid making plans for lengthy visits from family and friends during this time.  With a summer remodel you can always make use of an outdoor kitchen or BBQ while your kitchen is out-of-service. It is also not the best time to go away for a long vacation, since you may need to be present to make final decisions during the remodel.

Don’t find yourself disappointed if you really want to get your kitchen remodeled in time for the holidays.  Get started today by checking out our kitchen design gallery and then contact us to discuss your requirements.