Traditional Bathroom Ideas, Maintenance and Tips

While minimalist, all white, modern spaces are popular now, they aren't for everyone. While those beautiful white expanses looks wonderfully clean, they aren't always easy to keep in that pristine shape. A Traditional bathroom can still showcase cleanliness and create a cozy atmosphere to start and end your day.

Design Ideas

Faux natural materials, such as marble, granite, and tile that looks like wood, adds warmth and class to any bathroom that will never go out of style. A claw foot tub adds class, elegance, and a sense of luxury while a glass enclosed shower brings in modernity and indulgence. It isn't necessary for a traditional bathroom to be all from one era (IE: Victorian or modern), but it can incorporate elements from several different styles. The key to managing a space with such a range is to keep contrasting elements simple and to maintain a common theme within the space. For example, a simple color palette that includes browns and golds can utilize a modern copper pipe towel rack and an elegant wooden vanity. Bathroom and kitchen remodeling companies in Warren MI can help design a bathroom that encompasses all of your design aspirations.

Another key aspect to consider before beginning any remodeling project is the best use of the space. Counter tops covered in bottles? Towels always on the floor? Tired of the door running into the sink? A smart layout not only creates a functional space, but can save time when cleaning. Bathroom remodeling contractors in St Clair Shores, Mi can help design the perfect custom storage unit to corral all of those bottles. Ideally placed hooks, towel racks, or even a hidden hamper can keep floors clear. Corner sinks and floating vanities can save space. By considering use, storage, and potential clutter during the design phase, you can save hours of cleaning and frustration by creating a functional and beautiful space.

How to Maintain a Bathroom

Once that wonderful new bathroom is finished, maintenance will be a key factor keeping the space beautiful for years. All tile on the floors and walls must be regularly checked to ensure grout and sealant remains. If it becomes cracked or tiles become loose, moisture can breed mold and mildew. These problems should be repaired immediately to prevent a greater problem. Pipes should also be checked regularly for leaks.

Drains and drain covers can become dirty and clogged over time. These should be checked for any dirt or slow drainage as these may indicate or cause a clog in your pipes. Should be periodically removed and cleaned.

The entire bathroom should be cleaned at least once a week, wiping down counters, sinks, and tile. Wet towels and clothing should be cleaned promptly to prevent mold and mildew. Vinegar and baking soda are excellent, non-toxic products that can be used to clean mirrors, glass, and calcium deposits.

Final Thoughts

When you are considering a bathroom renovation, make sure to carefully consider any needs and problematic aspects of the current space. Good design can simplify or even eliminate those problems. Traditional designs can add simplicity, class, and luxury in a calming and comfortable way. And a regular, thorough cleaning can add years to the life of your bathroom.