Amp Up Your Bath Design

The smart home revolution has made its way to bathrooms. Technology is doing all the hard work so you can relax with everything at your fingertips. A bathroom remodel is the perfect time to upgrade to smart products for your bathroom. If you’re not in the market for a complete bathroom renovation, just a few changes in decor combined with technological additions will transform your bathroom. If you’re selling, then smart bathrooms are the perfect pitch for millennial homebuyers. No matter how tech savvy you are, read on to see how to keep on trend with a state-of-the-art relaxation hub.


There are a multitude of hi-tech toilets emerging.  Think about what features you would like for your revolutionary bath design. How about motion activated lights which illuminate the bowl at night? Or bidet-style toilets that release temperature-controlled water and air when required? You can get toilet seats that warm and are antimicrobial as well as lifting and lowering with sensors. There are self-cleaning toilets and fans that extract foul air through carbon filters in the tank. You can avail of toilets with built-in speaker systems that connect to Alexa, or simply go for a toilet roll pedestal with a tablet holder at the top. Kids aren’t left out, with iPotties that have tablet stands attached and seat covers so the potty can double as a chair for tots to chill out with technology.


One of the great things about technology is its capability to be eco-friendly. Digital faucets are ideal for saving water and energy by reducing flow and controlling temperature, which can be especially important in a bathroom design used by children. LED faucets can change color to indicate the current water temperature and work with the energy supplied by the running water. With many smart faucets, you can set a timer to control water flow or operate it via motion sensor.  These features, along with automatic soap dispensers, making your sink stylish, smart, and environmentally friendly. Pair your digital faucet with smart toothbrushes that tell you how long to brush for and can automatically order you a new one when they’ve worn down!


Japanese soaking tubs are on trend, as they provide a relaxing experience without taking up too much space in your bathroom design footprint. These are small tubs you can sit or shower in, that don’t need much water and are the latest in sophistication. The new versions are hi-tech and can include warm massage jets or mood-enhancing lighting options. Regular tubs can come with jets, thermal control and self-disinfection systems as well as capacity to play radio, tablets and cds. You can even get speakers inside waterproof rubber ducks that bob around while you bathe, entertaining you in the water! Add a refrigerated cabinet to your bathroom remodel to keep drinks cold as you watch your waterproof tv. On a hot day, you’d appreciate a bluetooth activated fan with phone-connectable speakers to stay cool while keeping up with phone calls or playing music while relaxing in the tub. The ultimate in luxury when you come out of the tub is heated towels. Portable spa-style towel warmer boxes can sit anywhere, gently warming your towels as you bathe, or add a radiator style towel warmer to your bath design for a stylish and practical way to heat towels.


Large shower enclosures are still in vogue and there is a wealth of technological options to transform your shower. Why not install a touchscreen interface that controls water, steam and lighting (chromotherapy), resulting in a multisensory showering experience? Wireless speakers that connect to your phone are a genius addition to showerheads so music descends on you along with water. A simpler addition is a musical shower curtain with built in speakers and a waterproof pocket for tablets.


For the health-conscious person, another upgraded bathroom design necessity is weighing scales. You can track your weight, BMI, fat and lean body percentage with scales that synch to apps. Some will also tell you your heart rate and the day’s air quality.


A bathroom remodel is the perfect time to incorporate a smart vanity that will look amazing and can really get you in the right mood for the day or a night on the town. The mirrors connect to your phone to enable voice control, or you can change the lighting at will from your phone and set them to be motion controlled at night. Speakers play your playlists and Alexa connectivity also means you can shop, catch up on news and get traffic updates, all while sitting at your vanity applying make-up. There are also mirrors that double as touchscreens when linked to a compatible device, letting you do everything from streaming movies to video calling. Most importantly, smart mirrors are heated so they won’t fog up.


Instead of, or in addition to the lighting around your vanity or in your bath, shower or toilet, smart light bulbs in your ceiling set the mood. Controlled through an app, you can set the brightness level for different times to wake you up or welcome you home.

 With so many options available, it really is an exciting time to amp up your bath design. Take a look at our bathroom remodeling gallery for inspiration or call us today with your bath technology wish-list and our bathroom design experts will have your space tech-connected and stylish in no time.