Decorative Lighting for Your Kitchen

If you have ever had trouble seeing properly while reading or preparing food in the kitchen, then you will appreciate that kitchen lighting is an important component of any kitchen design. To meet all the requirements for kitchen lighting, make sure you include a multi-layered lighting scheme.  This typically means you have more than one light source in your kitchen, and light fixtures often serve more than one purpose.

What are the main types of lighting you will need in a kitchen design? 

Kitchens need plenty of light, particularly targeted at key locations.  This task lighting helps to make sure you can see clearly while reading recipes, chopping food, and preparing your favorite culinary masterpieces. 

Today’s kitchen is also a place where we like to entertain, relax, and hang out with family and friends.  Ambient lighting is ideal for this purpose.  This softer lighting helps to set the mood and create the right atmosphere for any occasion.  Dimmer switches and multiple light sources are key to creating effective ambient light. 

Accent lighting is targeted light that will make the special features of your kitchen design pop.  Make the backsplash tile design you spent hours picking out or a favorite piece of art work the focal point of your kitchen design by shining a spotlight on this special feature.

Finally, decorative lighting fixtures can meet any of the above lighting requirements while also becoming a style statement all their own in your kitchen design.  For example, striking pendant lights over an island provide task lighting but also offer ambient light when paired with a dimmer switch.  A chandelier over a dining area has the same effect.  Pick the right light fixture for your kitchen remodel and your room will come alive.  Decorative light fixtures add color, texture, and interesting shapes to your kitchen design while serving a very practical purpose. 

Here are a few of our favorite examples of decorative kitchen lighting:

1.    These delicate chandeliers draw the eye to the large kitchen island that sits at the center of family life in this kitchen design in Washington, MI. The bright lights illuminate the island for food preparation, dining, homework, or any activity.   They also enhance the style by adding height to this kitchen design, drawing the eye up to the high ceiling and wooden ceiling beams.  Because the small lights sit at different levels, they almost give the effect of stars twinkling in the sky!

2.    The brushed metal finish of these island pendants stands in sharp contrast to the light wood finish cabinetry and sleek, shiny range hood.  This makes the light fixtures stand out and draws attention to the seating area of the island.  They also add a rustic appeal to this kitchen design in Bloomfield Hills, MI, which complements the rustic sliding barn door.

3.    This large open plan kitchen/dining/entertainment space contains two islands plus multiple seating and dining areas.  The unique light fixtures are a common element in all these work and entertainment zones, with the lighting design helping to pull the style together into a unified home living space.  The bright finish and intricate metal work of these pendants and matching chandelier enhance the contemporary style of this kitchen design in Harrison Township, MI, while also offering extra light throughout the large space.

4.    With simple recessed, undercabinet, and in-cabinet lighting throughout this kitchen design in Farmington Hills, the unique chandelier positioned over the dining table stands out and brings attention to the dining area.  This gives the impression of the dining zone being a standalone area, within the large, open plan kitchen/dining area.

5.    Large, glass pendant lights bring sparkle to the dining section of this traditional kitchen design’s island.  The unique shape of the lights draw attention to the dining end of the island and add another dimension to the kitchen design in Romeo, MI.

If you are ready to embark on a kitchen remodel, make sure your kitchen lighting scheme is up to the task of illuminating the key work and entertainment zones throughout your space.  Remember that light fixtures can be decorative as well as functional and can enhance the style of your kitchen.  Check out more lighting options in our kitchen design gallery and contact us today to get started on your kitchen remodel.