Spring into Action with the Right Shower Design

It’s the perfect time of year to embark on a bath remodel. Coming into summer, your shower will be used more and more after trips to the beach or days in the swimming pool, so plan ahead to get the perfect one for you. It’s a place to unwind and to refresh but your choice of shower makes a bathroom design statement and should suit your bathroom’s style as well as your requirements. Plants, curtains, screens and accessories can all be updated, but installing a new shower gives your bathroom a new lease of life. Read on, for the latest in showers design that will make you feel as vibrant and refreshed as the new spring flowers.

I Can See Clearly Now

Why not open up your bathroom design with a floor to ceiling glass enclosure around your shower? Massively on trend, you can go for a glass panel or completely encase the shower and include a glass door. A detachable shower head means you can easily clean down the glass to keep it sparkling and keep a squeegee on hand to wipe away drops of water when you are finished.

Seamless Solution

If you’re remodeling with aging in place as a consideration, look at a thresholdless shower. They’re ideal for wheelchair and frame users and are a breeze to clean since they are level with your floor.  Our bathroom design experts can figure out if a linear or center drain is best for the size of your space. The sleek design of a seamless shower instantly updates any bath design so it’s not just a practical option but also a style statement.

Spa Style

Spa-themed bathroom designs are still huge this season. If aging in place is not on your bathroom remodeling agenda, then opt for a relaxing tub alongside a shower. If your bathroom can only take one, then try a tub/shower combo. To really feel like you’re in a spa, include soft lighting and colors along with smooth textures and natural touches like river rock and lush houseplants.  Pay special attention to your showerheads and if possible, include a shower massage panel to get the full spa treatment.

Blast from the Past

Marble and terrazzo are back in fashion. Both are different but make an equally strong statement in a shower surround. Classic marble has been embraced in contemporary bathroom designs for modern elegance. Ceramic tiles imitate this look, if you’re on a budget. Terrazzo carries a cool mid-century vibe and looks even better in strong colors (but avoid its original pastel tones). Terrazzo’s speckled sparkle ensures your shower really stands out.

Industrial Metal Meets Hard Rock

Silver fixtures are ever-popular but satin and brushed nickel are overtaking polished chrome. The reward for homeowners is that these finishes are more resistant to water-stains and smudges. Metal-framed shower doors give an industrial feel to your shower, defining the door and cleverly imitating a window. Try industrial touches like this combined with rustic elements such as wood and stone, to mix and balance your bathroom design style.

Smart Showers

You might not associate smart technology with your shower but it’s readily available so satisfy requirements at the touch of a button. Water temperature can be controlled digitally and set at a comfortable level, so it doesn’t fluctuate. It is even possible for different family members to have their own personalized settings! Music and lighting also make a shower experience more enjoyable and both can be adjusted through smart controls.

Carve out Your Own Niche

Caddies are fine for shower storage, but a bathroom remodel is a great opportunity to include a built-in storage niche in your walls. They need to be installed at the start as they can’t be retrofit at a later stage. You can design exactly how tall and wide you want this recessed shelving.  It can blend in seamlessly using the same tile as your shower walls or stand out with an accent tile design. 

There are a myriad of shower styles, materials, sizes and accessibility options available. Just remember, a shower needs to fit in with your bathroom design and work with the overall style of your house. It also needs to meet your requirements, so take time to think about what they are before you look at design options.

Check out the many bath remodeling projects in our gallery for shower inspiration and ideas. Why not call us today and let our bathroom design experts help you spring into action?