Smart Home Kitchen Design Ideas

We’re living in an age where refrigerators do grocery lists and forks tell us how to eat. Stove cameras and robot mops are part of the Internet of Things revolution, making the kitchen the brains, as well as the heart of the home. To help you decide on which technology to add to your kitchen remodel, we have a list of options that will transform your space into a highly functional and enjoyable place to be.


Outlets are always needed for charging the multitude of handheld electronic devices ever-present in modern-day life, as well as for powering the coffee machine and toaster. Plan for access holes in your countertop that will hide cords and provide a variety of access to power points. Power strips increase available outlets and can go anywhere, including a drawer or an angled powerstrip on the wall. Lighted power strips are also ideal for underneath countertops or cabinets. USB receptacles also charge phones and tablets without an adapter, leaving sockets free for appliances.


As well as charging in the kitchen, smartphones and tablets are able to be in charge of it!  You can switch on lights before coming home on a dark night or set up mood lighting for a party. Colored accent, overhead and under cabinet lighting options are available to suit every pocket and be operated by the phone in your pocket.


To get full value and enjoyment from your new kitchen design install a sound system and dance to your favorite playlists as you bake with kids or entertain friends. You can change the tune and volume via your smart device and even move music from room to room with speakers throughout the house in an integrated sound system.  Take this a step further an include a television to watch the big game while entertaining or to look up new recipes on YouTube, and integrate the sound system for music and television.


Small appliances often have touch screens or connect to an app, making them super-efficient. Larger appliances such as stoves and fridges are now integrating smart technology too.  You don’t have to go completely hi-tech but introducing a few advanced appliances will make your life easier. As we’re a few years into the concept there are more budget friendly ways to achieve smart-house living

  • Family Hub refrigerators have screens that display calendars, music and tv as well as showing notes written via your phone. Internal fridge cameras show you the contents, read out recipes and talk to other compatible devices, such as the dishwasher or doorbell.

  • Intelligent ovens have cameras to determine how to cook food and let you look at what you are preparing from afar. Microwaves are now available that cook food evenly, without hotspots and bluetooth thermometers will gauge food’s temperature, updating you on your phone to make sure no-one is poisoned at a BBQ. Smart scales will adjust recipes and talk you through the prepping process and they can also guide you through cocktail making. Coffee machines can be operated remotely from bed and they’ll also tell you if you’re low on coffee and order more.


●      Smart plugs sync outlets with wifi and thus control them with your phone. As well as lighting, air conditioners and slow cookers can be timed, and appliances switched off remotely, so no more leaving the movie theater to check if you left the iron on.

●      Fridge magnets too can record and order groceries you need and there are gas and carbon monoxide monitors that alert you to leaky stoves and double as cooking timers. Dash buttons work best in the kitchen where you can order whatever you want through your Amazon account.

●      The iRobot is a little cube that vacuums around your tiles and steam cleans in its wake.

 ●      GeniCan sits on the lid of your garbage can and tracks items being thrown away, so you can easily restock online.

●      If you are trying to eat healthy, SmartPlate will alert you if you’re overeating and Hapifork will remind you to slow down if you’re munching too fast.  Vessyl containers will track your calories, caffeine and hydration when drinking from them.

 ●      Sensors can be installed on a kitchen’s cold-water supply to calculate how much water each fixture is using, recommend water saving options and identify leaky pipes.  Color-coded filters for faucets can analyze water quality and give instant feedback.

Whatever you do in the kitchen there’s a smart gadget to make your life easier. Call or visit our store today and our kitchen design professionals will guide you through technology that could be easily incorporated into your kitchen remodel.