Transform Your Kitchen Design with a Multi-Functional Sink

If you are contemplating a kitchen remodel, you may be thinking about how to change your kitchen design layout to create a space that is better for cooking and entertaining.  Or, you may have your heart set on a particular kitchen cabinet style to create a sleek contemporary or distressed, rustic style for your kitchen.  Have you also considered what sink to include in your kitchen design?  Kitchen sinks are not all created equal.  They are available in an array of sizes, types, materials, and even colors.  They can be single, double, or triple bowl, extra deep, and be paired with different types of faucets and accessories to create a unique feature that is a practical and stylish addition to any kitchen design.

In a busy kitchen, the sink is a major hub of activity.  It is the place where you wash your hands, wash and prepare food, fill pots of water for cooking, get a drink of water, and clear and wash dishes after a meal. Just like kitchen cabinet storage accessories and appliances have evolved over time to improve how you store and prepare food, kitchen sinks have developed new, innovative designs too.  Today’s kitchen sinks offer multi-functional features that allow you to move seamlessly between the different jobs a sink must perform. 

Here are a few of the ways your kitchen sink can make life easier:

1.      Built-in food prep tools

Kitchen sink manufacturers have recognized that you do more than just rinse off dishes in the sink, and that it can be awkward to juggle colanders, cutting boards, and food preparation bowls while cooking.  The answer to this dilemma could be a larger sink, multiple kitchen sinks to serve different purposes, or better storage options near the sink.  What if the sink did the job for you, and came equipped with all the tools you need to wash, chop, and prepare meals?  Sink manufacturers have developed sinks that meet all these functions and more by building in the tools.  No more searching for a colander and trying to find the right way to place it in the sink near your cutting board.  The Galley Workstation is a leader in this type of sink and offers multiple sizes and configurations to meet any home chef’s requirements. 

2.      Go hands free

Cooking is a messy business and, quite literally, requires getting your hands dirty.  This sometimes makes it difficult to turn on the faucet to wash your hands or rinse food without getting the faucet dirty or, worse, potentially spreading germs from raw meat.  Your sink and faucet configuration can deal with this by including a hands-free faucet or a foot pedal valve operated faucet.  This can also be helpful if you have small children, allowing them to wash messy hands without smearing paint or chocolate.

3.      Bigger is better

If you have space, include more than one sink.  A double bowl may seem like the perfect multi-functional kitchen sink, but it is not ideal if the two bowls are small.  Consider sticking with one larger sink that can handle every large pasta pot, roasting pan, and oversized baking dish you own.  Think about what you need to do for Thanksgiving dinner, one of the biggest meals any American family prepares all year.  Consider how much space you need to comfortably wash your vegetables, prepare the turkey, and wash up after dinner, and use that as your maximum capacity benchmark.

4.      Take your entertaining to the next level

A sink that is truly designed to be multi-functional can take you from the very first vegetable you need to wash right through to clean up and even make entertaining guests easier.  A Galley Workstation, like this kitchen design in Farmington Hills, MI, can include special inserts to hold ice, cold beverages, appetizers, and condiments.  It turns your ordinary kitchen sink into a beverage and appetizer station that will be a prime gathering spot for guests.

5.      Make dirty dishes disappear

At the end of a family meal or dinner party, the last thing you want is to immediately launch into washing dishes or loading the dishwasher.  An extra deep sink is ideal for hiding away all the dirty dishes until you are ready to face them.  A multi-functional sink can also be fitted with accessories that allow you to wash, drain, and dry dishes more easily, and pull-down sprayer faucets like this kitchen design in Grosse Pointe Farms make rinsing awkward dishes and pots much easier.

Once you learn about multi-functional kitchen sinks, you will never look at your sink in the same way again. This unsung hero of a kitchen design will transform how you prepare food, entertain, and clean up.  Visit our kitchen design gallery or contact us to find out more.