Bathroom Design Color Schemes for 2019

The right shade of paint sets the tone for every space in your home; but this is especially true for your bathroom design. In other rooms of your home, the wall color can either make a bold statement or create a backdrop for other decorative pieces; but the bathroom is home to more functional items, like toilets, sinks, and showers.  Your bath design style and décor must incorporate a thoughtful color palette that brings together these practical items with color accents that add your own personality and style to create a relaxing retreat that is all your own.

A fresh coat of paint or tasteful, colorful accessories can turn your master bathroom from a drab, sterile space to a pleasant and tranquil area. The guide below highlights some of the best color schemes for 2018 that will inspire you to design an incredible bathroom renovation.

All White

It doesn’t get any more timeless than an all white bathroom. White bathrooms naturally exude thoughts of freshness and good hygiene, and their bright, clean look will keep your bathroom looking modern. Use accent materials, add splashes of color and/or incorporate some natural wood to keep the bathroom design from looking sterile. A glass mosaic tile feature in the backsplash or shower is an ideal way to include a small pop of color in an otherwise white bathroom design, or simply place colorful towels or glass storage jars if you want the flexibility of changing your accent color.

Black and White

No color pair goes together quite like black and white – this classic combo became ultra-popular during the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 1930s. A black and white bathroom, also referred to as a monochrome bathroom, looks beautiful, classy, and expensive and the contrast between the two shades offers a stunning visual effect. The best way to include black and white into your master bath or powder room is to utilize black and white tiles on the floor or walls. If walls of tile don’t strike your fancy, consider a textured black and white wallpaper, or even use black hardware and accessories against a white vanity cabinet.


Blue has recently increased in popularity for bathroom color schemes, as it has a calming spa-like effect. This versatile hue can turn your guest bathroom into a haven for visitors or transform your master bathroom into a cool and calming space. Blue wallpaper, bathroom vanity cabinets, and bathroom tile are great ways to add color into the design. Blue glass mosaic tile is a perfect choice for a backsplash or shower wall, and an ideal way to add texture, color, and pattern to your bathroom design.


It’s true – green is back. It’s horrible reputation, which began in the 1970s with the introduction of avocado kitchen and bathroom appliances, has finally been saved. Now, don’t run out and buy a lime green toilet; but consider incorporating some green bathroom tiles or plants to add a splash of color. Keep your fixtures and cabinets neutral or add natural wood so the look is more modern. To bring some fun and flair to the space, add tropical prints.


Neutral bathrooms have remained one of the most popular color schemes over the years. Everyone lic  kes (or at the very least doesn't hate) neutral hues. It’s also perfect if you are doing a bathroom remodel in preparation for sale. Light gray is very popular, as it is light enough that the room still looks open without being as sterile as an all-white bathroom design. For a serene feeling, vintage-inspired or wooden cabinets would make an excellent addition.

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