Bold Light Fixtures: A Kitchen Design Game Changer

There are many ways to make a kitchen design your own, by adding in colors, textures, and products that bring out your personality and style.  As you browse product choices for your next kitchen remodel, you may not immediately think of light fixtures as a defining factor in your kitchen design style.  Think again!  Kitchen lighting not only serves a very practical function, but it can also be an eye-catching feature that influences the flavor of your design. 

Select your recessed lighting, undercabinet lights, and illuminated display kitchen cabinets, and then move on to the really fun part of a kitchen lighting design.  Pendant lights, chandeliers, and drum shades are among the many options available for kitchen lighting.  They come in an array of sizes to fit any kitchen, and can be selected in a style and material to blend in or stand out on their own. 

Bold light fixtures that hang from your ceiling automatically become a focal point of your kitchen design as they immediately draw the eye of anyone who enters the room.  They perform an important functional requirement in providing light to key areas like the kitchen island or dining table.  You can use light fixtures to make a design statement in a kitchen renovation with a relatively low-risk investment, since it can be more easily replaced as your tastes change over time. 

Here are 10 ways to dress up your kitchen design with bold light fixtures:

1.       The pendant lights in this contemporary kitchen design are the perfect glamorous accessory.  These light fixtures are like jewelry for a special outfit; they sparkle on their own, complement the design, but don’t take away for the beauty of the other design features.

2.       Traditional glass pendant lights accent this white and gray kitchen design and draw attention to the granite topped kitchen island.

3.       Modern glass pendants take center stage over the island in this kitchen design.  Glass ball-shaped pendants with chrome pick up the chrome and stainless-steel accents throughout the room and accent the dark wood kitchen cabinets.

4.       This large kitchen includes two islands and ample wall cabinetry.  The two large pendants with shades immediately draw the eye to the main kitchen island that includes a Galley Workstation, induction cooktop, beverage bar, and seating.

5.       Modern island lighting in the form of sleek pendants top a waterfall countertop and dark wood contemporary kitchen cabinets.

6.       Industrial style pendant lights offer a unique accent to this craftsman style kitchen design.  The finish of the light fixtures contrasts the white countertop and cabinetry, and accents the rustic barn door featured in this design.

7.       Pendant lights are an excellent way to add a contrasting color like this modern kitchen design.  The pop of color adds personality to the wood cabinetry and stainless-steel features.

8.       A single drum pendant provides a unique focal point in this compact kitchen design, bringing attention to the small seating area at the round tabletop peninsula.

9.       This chandelier with a large shade offers a unique approach to island lighting.  It sits over a wood tabletop style countertop designed for dining and entertaining.

10.   In an open plan kitchen/dining/living space, this long, modern chandelier draws the focus to the dining table and serves as a central point between the kitchen and living areas.

There are many ways to define your style and create a unique focal point in a kitchen remodel.  An experienced kitchen design expert can help you realize your ideal kitchen, and find the perfect products including light fixtures to complement that design.  Get started today by visiting our kitchen design gallery or stop by our showroom to see more!