Bathroom Designs For A Busy Family

It’s Labor Day weekend, the kids are back to school, and Fall activities are in full swing.  This is a busy time of year for families, and it means the home is busier than ever.  Whether the kids are getting ready for school, doing homework, or having their friends over, it sometimes feels like every corner of the house is filled with activity.

Some rooms are busier than others, and the family bathroom is one that is rarely quiet.  Early mornings getting ready for school, evening showers, post-sports practice clean up, and getting ready for a night out at the weekend.  How do you make sure this space is up to the task?  A bathroom design that is durable and well-organized, combined with a style that embodies the personality of your home, will stand the test of time and be a sanctuary for the entire family.

Here are 5 ideas for turning your next bathroom remodel into the perfect family bathroom design:

1.       Include plenty of storage. 

This one is a no brainer for any bathroom renovation, but a busy family bathroom design demands extra storage.  A family bath used by multiple people must have sufficient storage for everyone.  Older kids will want their own storage space to keep their toiletries separate.  If you have younger kids using the bathroom, consider keeping medicine and cleaning supplies in another location, or include a safely locked bathroom vanity space to store these items.

2.       Add specialized storage inserts for electronics, laundry pull outs, and more. 

Bathroom storage becomes an even more valuable asset when you combine it with specialized storage inserts.  A pull-out laundry basket is a must have for a kids’ bathroom design, so they have no excuse for dropping dirty clothes and towels on the floor.  Give older kids their own drawers and shelves designed for their needs, with inserts for holding make up, electronic hair tools, and toiletries. 

3.       Include a big mirror with plenty of lighting. 

If you expect more than one family member to get ready and still be on time for school, make sure you design a space that allows them to see.  A large mirror is a practical choice for a space used by multiple people, and it helps a room to appear more spacious and bright.  Combine a large mirror with an effective lighting design to minimize arguments over who is hogging the bathroom mirror.

4.       If possible, include two sinks in your bathroom design. 

If you have the space, adding an extra sink means busy times in the family bathroom will run more smoothly.  With two sinks comes a longer vanity with more storage and counter space, an all-around a winning combination for one of the busiest rooms in your home.

5.       Talk to your bathroom design expert about durable, easy to clean surfaces. 

You know this bathroom is going to see a lot of traffic and mess.  Make your life easier by including products and surfaces in your bathroom remodel that will stand up to the constant use.  This does not mean you must select the most expensive products, but you should make some design choices in favor of more durable product selections.  Consider choosing a bathroom design that is easier to clean by selecting a simple style and minimizing grout lines in your tile design.

6.       Shower, bath, or both? 

If your family bath is large enough, you may want to include a separate shower and bathtub as it offers the best of both worlds.  Some bathroom designs opt to give up the bathtub in favor of a larger shower, particularly where there is not enough room to house both.  In a home with young kids, or where you may want to sell your home in the future to a young family, you should keep a bathtub for bathing younger kids. 

Yes, life can be easier with the right design that meets the needs of your busy family!  Our bathroom design gallery offers more ideas, or contact us to discuss your requirements with our bathroom remodeling experts.