Make Space for a Makeup Vanity In Your Bathroom

When you head into the bathroom to get ready for work or for a night out, what do you do?  Your only goal is to do your hair and makeup in a place with the best mirror and lighting in the house, so you pull out hair tools and makeup and search for the right place to put them down.   

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a purpose-built makeup vanity, with built in storage for all your hair and makeup items?  One that has perfect lighting, plenty of counter space reserved for you, and perhaps even a comfortable seat?  If you are tired of fighting for space to do your makeup, consider including a makeup vanity as part of your next bathroom remodel. 

This may sound like the stuff of movie stars, but a makeup vanity does not have to be particularly large or ornate.  It could even be a designated area connected to the main vanity, perhaps at a different level to set it apart from the rest of the counter and cabinet space.  There are many ways to incorporate a makeup vanity into a bathroom design.  Here are a few ideas to inspire you for your next bathroom renovation.

This bathroom design brings to life the more traditional vision of a makeup vanity with a freestanding furniture style cabinet.  It utilizes an otherwise underutilized space next to the shower to create the perfect nook for getting ready.  It includes just enough storage for key makeup items, a mirror, and ample lighting from sconces and a window.  Take a seat at this makeup vanity and take your time getting ready!

If you prefer a more fluid appearance to your bathroom cabinetry, or do not have space for a standalone makeup vanity, you might consider including a designated area in your main vanity cabinet.  The bathroom remodel shown here accomplished just that by including a makeup vanity in the middle of the standard vanity.  It is positioned at a lower level to accommodate sitting down to apply makeup and to set it apart from the surrounding cabinetry.

Perhaps you have space in your bathroom footprint and in your budget to take a makeup vanity to the next level?  Consider including a glamorous makeup vanity like this bathroom design in Farmington Hills, MI. In this room, the makeup vanity becomes the centerpiece of the design in a prominent corner of the bathroom.  The style of this elegant space is defined by a large, glamorous mirror and a comfortable sophisticated chair.  This is no ordinary master bathroom, it is a room you will want to show off to your friends and family and where you will look forward to getting ready.

If you find you do not have room for a proper make up vanity then simply create a space within your vanity cabinet to serve the same purpose.  Carve out a niche that includes designated storage for makeup and hair products, a mirror, and ample lighting that will allow you to get ready in an organized and comfortable way.

Do you think a makeup vanity is something you must have in your next bathroom remodel?  Discuss the options with your bathroom design expert to get advice on the best way to include a makeup vanity.  Our bathroom remodeling gallery has more great ideas for bathroom layout and storage options.