A Kitchen and Bath Design with a Modern Transformation

A home is a work in progress.  It is easy to realize this when you look around your own house and see the changes you would like to make.  Watching these alterations become reality brings to life the impact a home renovation project can have.  A recent project completed by Woodmaster Kitchens of Michigan in Ann Arbor illustrates the dramatic change that can take place in a remodeling project.  This home was transformed by updating both the kitchen/dining/living space and the master bathroom.

Open Plan Kitchen Renovation

Not only did this kitchen undergo a complete style overhaul as shown in the before and after pictured below, but the entire living area was redesigned to create a more open plan space.  Today’s kitchens are the hub of activity in the home and serve multiple purposes.  An open plan design typically incorporating the cooking, dining, and even living areas creates an easier flow of traffic through the home.  It also promotes a more inclusive space, which is better for family life and entertaining.  For this reason, many kitchen remodeling projects opt to open up the kitchen to surrounding rooms, and this project was no exception!

The design concept started with removing part of the wall between the kitchen and the dining room.  This updated kitchen design brings more light into the kitchen and creates a free-flowing kitchen/dining/living area perfect for family life.  The larger kitchen space created by removing the wall allowed the old island to be replaced with a more expansive one.  The new island is not only an eye catching curved shape, but it has more storage and food preparation space, as well as seating.  The photos below show the dramatic transformation enabled by removing this wall.

The dark wood finish of the flat panel kitchen cabinets contrasts beautifully with the white countertop and backsplash.  This updated cabinet style has a sleek, contemporary look that is perfect for the new kitchen, as shown below.

Every design is an opportunity to find unique solutions to meet the individual needs of that household.  In creating an open plan design, removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room also opened up this space to a hallway and a stairwell leading to the basement.  The design team at Woodmaster Kitchens installed a glass stairwell wall and a stainless steel handrail that allowed the stairwell to be safely segmented without disrupting the open plan atmosphere, as pictured here.

The result is a completely transformed kitchen and living space with a timeless design that will make home life much more enjoyable!

A Luxurious Bathroom Makeover

In addition to transforming the kitchen, this home renovation included a new master bathroom design that created a contemporary, relaxing retreat in the home.  The addition of an expansive walk-in shower as pictured below with both rainfall and handheld showerheads makes the perfect place to kick start the morning or to unwind at the end of a long day.  Built-in foot and shower ledges were added to provide a convenient place to keep toiletries that also smoothly integrate with the bathroom style.

The contemporary Medallion cabinetry includes a gray finish vanity highlighted by a large mirror and unique, modern pendant lights. The white freestanding armoire, pictured below left, also provides excellent storage for all the bathroom necessities.  The gray and white design is further accented by a rug design Carrera marble floor and gray and white engineered quartz countertop. 

The end result is an amazing style renovation for the kitchen/dining/living area and the master bathroom that set the tone for this home and provide an excellent atmosphere for family life.  Contact us to find out how you can transform your home!