Choose the Right Showerhead for your Bathroom

A bathroom renovation is an ideal opportunity to not only update your bathroom style but also to include the extra features you want to make your bathroom a relaxing haven in your home.  The shower has taken a central role in today’s bathroom, and in many cases homeowners are even choosing to leave out the bathtub in favour of a larger shower with extra features. 

The decision about what type of shower to include does not end with the size, type of enclosure, and tile selection.  The showerhead you select can greatly influence the quality of your shower experience. 

So what are the key factors to consider when selecting a showerhead?

What is your available space?  You may have a large shower that allows multiple showerheads or perhaps you have limited space and need to choose a showerhead that fits a low ceiling or small enclosure. 

Who is using the shower?  This can greatly influence the type of showerhead that meets your requirements as a home with children, persons with restricted mobility, or taller persons for example may require a different showerhead.

How much room do you have in your budget?  Showerhead styles can vary greatly in price. A basic wall-mounted showerhead provides a satisfying shower and tends to be the most economical choice, while a rainfall showerhead or massaging body sprays are typically higher cost options that give a more unique shower experience. 

You may want to also consider how economical the shower is to run once installed.  Showerheads are rated according to flow rate, which equates to the number of gallons of water sprayed per minute.  While older showerheads used around 5 gallons per minute (gpm), today’s fixtures generally only use up to 2 gpm.  Some lower flow showerheads use less, or even have adjustable settings to change the flow rate.  These options can benefit the environment and your household budget!

What is your shower style?  Showers do so much more than just get you clean! First decide what type of shower you want, whether it is a standard shower, massaging shower, relaxing spa-style shower, and more.  Then find the ideal showerhead style to achieve that result.   They fit into several main categories:

Traditional wall mounted showerheads meet the basic requirements of most households, fit any shower enclosure, and tend to be a more economical choice if you are on a budget.  This can usually be incorporated into your design whether you are embarking on a full bathroom remodeling project or just want to update your shower.

Overhead showerheads are mounted directly in the ceiling so they provide a spray of water from above, and can either sit flush in the ceiling or hang down. 

Rainfall showerheads have a wide surface with a large number of perforations that give the effect of a large quantity of water falling without a lot of pressure.  This relaxing showerhead style is the perfect addition to a spa-style bathroom, like the bathroom design in Grosse Pointe Farms shown here.

Handheld showerheads are often seen coupled with another showerhead or used with a tub as pictured below left.  It is a perfect choice for a household with pets, children, or persons with restricted mobility, like the bathroom renovation in St. Clair Shores shown below right.  It even makes cleaning the shower easier as you can detach the showerhead from its fixture and move it around to reach the specific area you require.

A shower panel or body sprays provide the ultimate, personalized shower experience.  They attach to the wall or ceiling and include multiple showerheads with jets of varying strength targeted at different body parts.  You can alter your shower by using the different showerheads to create a more relaxing or invigorating spray, and are the perfect addition to a full bathroom renovation.

Once you determine your shower needs, your bathroom design expert can help you investigate the full range of options available.  Contact us today to find out more!