What can a kitchen or bath remodeling expert do for you?

A kitchen or bathroom remodel is no small undertaking.  From creating a cohesive design and layout to handling the electronics, carpentry, and plumbing, a kitchen remodel or bathroom renovation is a complex and time-consuming job.  Unless you are a remodeling professional, a complete remodel is not the kind of job you want to take on as a DIY project. 

If you are considering a major remodel, consider these 5 benefits of hiring a professional kitchen and bath design and remodeling firm to manage your project.

1.      Get your design right.

A full remodel involves more than just replacing cabinet doors or applying a fresh coat of paint. Getting your layout right, creating a design that combines your style and technical requirements, and understanding what works and what does not are all part of the kitchen design and bathroom design process.  A design professional has the training and experience to help you turn your vision into reality and understands the pitfalls you face in creating your new home living space.

2.      Take the stress out of the details.

Hiring a professional design and remodeling firm means you do not have to act as your own general contractor.  Focus on picking out color schemes and products for your remodel.  Let your kitchen and bath design firm find and manage the vendors and contractors, coordinate the complex schedule that includes inspections and deliveries of products, and make sure all elements come together at the right time.  They also handle unforeseen issues and take care of a final punch list.  Your general contractor will also track day to day progress and make sure the site is cleaned up and the impact on your home is managed.

3.      Find the perfect products.

A full kitchen remodel or bathroom renovation involves a lot of decisions!  From the big choices like kitchen cabinets, vanity cabinet, or flooring to the smaller details like shower trim or soap dispensers, you have your work cut out for you and must make sure all these product choices gel into a cohesive design.  This is no easy task, even when you think you have a clear vision of your style.  An experienced kitchen and bath design professional can help you understand your style preferences and navigate the product choices.  They also help you stay on budget by finding products (or alternatives) that meet your budget needs.  Kitchen and bath design experts are also perfectly positioned to suggest alternatives you did not even know existed that may help you create a more effective design. They have a keen understanding of how to put colors, patterns, and textures together, and of what works and what doesn’t.

4.      Value your time.

Time is a precious commodity, and a kitchen renovation or bathroom remodeling project is a particularly time-consuming endeavor.  Hiring a professional you trust means you can step back and let your remodeling team handle the day-to-day activity.  You may still be called on to answer questions or review design choices, but you know that you don’t have to take a leave of absence from work (and life!) just to see your remodeling project through to completion.  Also, your kitchen remodel or bathroom renovation will be completed in a timelier fashion when you allow your team of professionals to handle things.  They have the experience in coordinating every element of a project and will keep everything running smoothly to a schedule.

5.      Value your investment.

A kitchen or bathroom design is an investment in your home and your lifestyle so make sure you get the most out of it!  Hiring a trusted professional equals high quality results, combining a well-planned design and layout with quality products and skilled installation.  The result is a new home living space that will change the way you live and last you for years to come.

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