Make your Home Livable During a Remodeling Project

Remodeling is a messy business!  This is no secret, but it is still frustrating and often a top concern for clients when facing into a home renovation project.  90% of homeowners opt to stay in their homes during a kitchen remodeling or bathroom renovation project, choosing to live with the inconvenience of a building site rather than the hassle of moving out.  Once the design is complete and a trusted remodeling partner is on board, the top concern homeowners generally have is, “How will I cope with all the dust and mess?” 

Remodeling job with dust

No one wants to find dust in their toothbrush, linen closet, or their dog’s fur.  So, before you settle on a remodeling professional, make sure you find out what measures they take to protect your home while the project is underway.  For example, does the remodeler:

1.  Have a dust control plan?

2.  Use best practices in controlling mess and dust?

3.  Bring up the subject before you even have a chance to ask about it?

As remodeling professionals with extensive experience, we know that our jobsite practices make a significant impact on the home, family, and success of every project.  While we cannot avoid the mess altogether, we take every measure available to keep jobsites as neat as possible. 

The dust control plan must include more than some plastic sheets and a vacuum.  These simple methods are insufficient to control the dust produced by demolition and drywall sanding.  Your kitchen and bath design expert should have a plan, which must be an integral part of their design process and define their jobsite practices. 

Remodeling project with demolition

We present this information to the customer as a key part of discussing our design process, and refer to it as “livable remodeling”.  Exactly as it sounds, this means that we keep the jobsite as neat as possible and minimize the dust enough that you can comfortably remain living at home during the project (although with some obvious inconveniences due to the ongoing work).

Dust and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) are a key focus of this process, and we rely on the latest methods and technologies to minimize the impact of dust in every jobsite.  That’s why we invested in the newest dust control technology for our dust control plan. The BuildClean Dust Control System captures and removes up to 90 percent of airborne dust that accumulates during your remodeling project.

Jobsite with BuildClean air scrubber.

You must be prepared for some upset in your home during a kitchen renovation, a bathroom remodeling, or any home project.  Of course, any time you start tearing down walls, ripping out cabinets, and pulling up floor tiles, there will be a certain amount of mess involved.  Make sure your remodeling expert has a plan to deal with the dust and mess to provide you a livable remodeling environment with minimal impact on your home.  Contact us today to find out more about our jobsite practices!