Which Gray is Best for Kitchen and Bath Design?

When starting a home remodeling project, there are many factors to consider including practical issues and fun style decisions.  From walls and floors to fixtures and furniture, color scheme is the element that pulls everything together into a cohesive design. While the kitchen and bathrooms typically (though not always!) follow a neutral color palette, this does not necessarily mean the traditional all white room.

There are many colors that fit within a neutral palette.  In a simple search for design inspiration, it is immediately obvious that gray is a popular choice for kitchen renovation or bathroom remodels. Gray is a versatile neutral tone that creates a peaceful, calm environment.  It has more depth than many other neutrals, and with different shades and undertones can easily complement other neutrals and effectively contrast bold accent colors. 

Yes, some bright colors are making a comeback, but for a kitchen and bath design most people still want a base color palette that will stand the test of time.  Gray is ideal in that it is more sophisticated than white, brighter than beige and brown, and can easily blend with a living area or bedroom style.  

If you think gray is the right choice for your design, the next step is to determine which gray fits your home. A trip to your local paint supplier to request gray paint samples easily confirms that gray shades are not all the same.  The same goes for tile samples, flooring, countertops, and more.  Are you looking for a nearly white gray, a dark gray, or a greige?  How do you know which one fits your design?  Start with these simple tips.

1.       What is your home style? 

Gray is a versatile neutral that complements almost any home style, but not every gray is right for every décor.  Gray can be either a warm or cold color depending on the undertones, and it can be so pale it is almost white or so dark it is nearly black.  Look at the size of your room and how much light it gets.  For example, a small room with little natural light may look like a dungeon if you go for a very dark gray.  In general, the cooler gray tones pair very well with a more contemporary style, while a more rustic or farmhouse style may work better with a greige (a gray with beige tones in it). 

2.       What else will be in this room? 

We are not just talking about gray wall paint or cabinet finish, but an entire color scheme.  Your kitchen and bath design expert can help you decide how the light gray perimeter kitchen cabinets will pair with the dark gray island cabinetry, and then go with a gray and white countertop and backsplash.  

3.       Do you plan to add accent colors? 

Gray makes bright colors pop without looking over the top, so it is perfect with bold accent colors.  Depending on the shade of gray, bright yellow, turquoise, and other bold colors add a point of visual interest in an otherwise neutral design.  This can be added to a more fixed item such as a backsplash, or to items more easily changed like window treatments, island barstools, or artwork. 

4.       Get samples and use them! 

A kitchen and bath design firm can help you put together a total vision of your design with samples of everything from tile to cabinetry to countertops.  Use these samples to play around with ideas and create a vision for your design.  Try out paint samples on your walls if possible, and make sure you look at them in different lighting.

5.       Consult an experienced design professional. 

Does picking the right color scheme and bringing together these product choices seem like a daunting task?  A kitchen and bath design expert is knowledgeable in the available product choices, design techniques, and how to best bring together colors to create a design that makes your vision a reality.

Get started with your color scheme by visiting our kitchen remodel and bathroom design photo galleries, or contact us today for a consultation.