Add Seating to a Bath Design

One of the hottest trends right now is spa-style bathroom design, and it’s easy to understand why. These luxurious master bathrooms are places where you’ll want to unwind after a long day. You can also take a relaxed approach to getting ready if you have comfortable, designated seating. Instead of leaning into the mirror to apply makeup or wobbling on one foot to paint your toenails, just sit down and take your time in a bathroom where form meets function. Here are five types of seating to turn your bathroom design into a haven of calm.


A shower seat is a must have item for those with limited mobility, but a purpose-built stone slab or tiled shower seat installed as part of a full bathroom remodel, or a corner seat retrofitted into your shower makes a difference for everyone using the shower. The seat can also be used as a shelf once it’s not interfering with the flow of water. A pull-down seat is also a good option if you want to save space in your shower but still want the option to sit down.


If your bath design doesn’t allow for extra seating, why not adapt a storage unit by adding cushions to create a banquette seat? You can access shelving or storage baskets underneath while having a place to relax, preferably by a window. Sit down while you dry off after a shower or relax while you put on your make up to get ready for the day.


Wood is a warm addition to any bath design. It can be simple or sophisticated, rustic or glamorous. All the wood in your bathroom should be coordinated, from cabinets and shelving to flooring, bathmats and seating, working together to give a luxury feel and bringing an element of nature into your bathroom. Try sauna-style slatted benches in your shower or a simple stool where you can keep towels or candles as well as using it as a seat. A fold-out wooden seat is the ultimate space-saver and looks great.


If you have a lot of wall space why not put benches all around a window or bathtub to maximize space for relaxation? You can also have anything you need in the bath sitting on a bench at arm’s length.  With an enclosed tub, make the most of any extended area between the tub and the wall and transform it into a seat, whether at one end or all around the bathtub.


Integrated tiled, wooden or storage seating blends in with your bath design but don’t be afraid to add a chair or free standing, upholstered makeup vanity stool. Try interchangeable cotton covers when you feel like a change of color on your chairs. Why not go for a foot stool and antique chair if you have a claw-foot bath? A rustic bath could demand a rustic chair, but you could also mix things up and have a contemporary, eclectic feel, just by choosing a different style of seating.

The list of options for seating is varied and depends on your personal style and space available. There’s a solution for every bathroom design though, changing the way you feel about your bathroom and, hopefully, slowing down the hectic pace of life. Take a look at the bath remodels in our gallery for ideas and call us today for any renovation or design quandaries. Our experts are only too happy to help.