How To Design Your Bathroom For Relaxation

Do you think your bathroom is just a place to brush your teeth and shower?  Think again!  Today’s bathroom design is meant for much bigger things and offers a perfect combination of both form and function.  This is the place where you ready yourself for the day ahead or wind down in the evening before bed.  It should offer a haven within your home, where you can gather your thoughts as you chill out in the bathtub. 

How do you turn this traditionally functional space into an at home retreat?  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Get rid of the clutter.

It’s difficult to feel relaxed and centered in a room that is cluttered with toiletries on the countertop, wet towels on the floor, and shampoo bottles in the shower.  Take advantage of existing storage or use the opportunity of a bathroom remodel to add customized accessories to meet all your storage needs. 

This could include a vanity cabinet with storage inserts, designed to hold every spare towel, roll of toilet paper, and bottle or tube you need accessible in the bathroom.  This keeps countertops clear, ensures you can find things when you need them, and creates a sense of calm in the room.  Add recessed storage niches in the shower or shelves near the bath so shampoo and shower gel are available but out of the way.  Don’t forget to add hooks, towel rings, and towel bars so there is no excuse for wet towels or bathrobes on the floor. 

Maximize your shower space.

In a well-designed shower, you can step in and close the door and immediately feel like you are at your favorite spa.  If space allows, add a large shower to a bathroom renovation, and include a built-in seat, shower storage, and multiple shower heads.  A rainfall showerhead or massaging panel with multiple showerheads is the ultimate treat to soothe sore muscles or ease away the stress of the day. Include extra features like a Bluetooth showerhead so you can play music in the shower.

Create an oasis with your bathtub.

If a soak in the tub is your idea of the ultimate in relaxation, then make sure your bath is up to the job.  Freestanding tubs are a very popular option for bathroom designs as they are both functional and a beautiful, eye-catching feature.  They are available in a variety of styles to suit any contemporary, traditional, or rustic bathroom remodel.  Position the tub near a window to make the most of natural light and a beautiful view or surround the tub with soft lighting to allow a relaxed setting for your bath.

Set the mood with lighting.

Speaking of lighting, make sure your bathroom lighting design can handle the task of getting ready with suitable lighting near mirrors and vanity cabinets, as well as around the shower.  Add ambient and accent lighting, combined with a dimmer switch, so you can create a warm environment in the bathroom with just enough light in the right place at the perfect time.  Toe kick lights are a fantastic addition to a bath design and offer the perfect amount of light at night to find your way without having to fully wake up to bright bathroom lights.  Make the most of natural light from windows and skylights, like this bathroom design in Harrison Township.

Bring the heat.

A cold bathroom is sure to leave you feeling chilled and spoil your efforts at unwinding in the shower or bath, so make sure you include targeted sources of heat.  One ideal way to achieve this is by including radiant underfloor heating in your bathroom design. Underfloor heating offers a general heat source from the ground up and leaves you feeling soothed as you step barefoot onto a warm floor.  Add a radiator towel warmer to a bathroom remodel so you can also have cozy, warm towels ready when you step out of the bathtub or shower.

Do you love the idea of turning your bathroom into a relaxing retreat?  Visit us in our St. Clair Shores showroom or call us on 586-778-4430 to discuss your requirements.  Our bathroom design gallery is the perfect place to get started for design inspiration.