Make Space in your Shower for Storage

We all know how important storage is for a bathroom design.  Effective bathroom storage means all your toiletries and bathroom electronics have a designated home, wet towels have a place to hang up, everything you need can be easily accessed, and there is no excuse for cluttered floors and countertops.  When you think of bathroom storage, a vanity and medicine cabinet probably spring to mind immediately.  What about shower storage? 

While some items are better put away in a drawer or on a shelf in the vanity, there are certain everyday essentials that must be easily accessible.  Shampoo, shower gel, a razor, and other daily toiletries must be within arms’ reach when you need them.  You do not want to step under a warm shower only to realize no shampoo is available.  It is equally annoying to have toiletries sitting on the floor of the shower where you might trip over them. 

Thankfully there are many options available for including shower storage in your bathroom renovation.  Here are a few of the choices available:

1.       Corner shelf

There are several ways to provide built in storage in a shower enclosure.  Corner shelves can be installed from several materials, such as stone or porcelain.  Choose the same material as your shower wall to achieve a seamless appearance, or select a contrasting material or color so the shelf stands out.  They are usually positioned high enough to be within easy arms’ reach, though some are lower to allow a place to rest your foot while showering or shaving.

2.       Storage niche

This storage option is a recessed niche built into the wall of the enclosure, so it takes up no space in the shower itself.  The niche can fit the space and storage requirements for any bathroom design.  Typically a shower niche is a square or rectangular shape with one or two shelves, providing just enough storage space for a few bottles of shampoo, shower gel, or other essentials.  Some larger showers can accommodate a bigger niche or multiple niches, and the shelves are usually just deep enough to hold one bottle.

3.       Bench

A built in shower bench is an excellent feature if you have a suitable space.  It either sticks out from the wall of the shower or is part of the shower wall structure, as in the bathroom designs shown here.  A bench not only offers a place to put toiletries but it also provides a seat that turns your everyday shower into a spa-like, relaxing experience.  A shower seat is a handy addition if anyone in your home has mobility issues.

4.       Towel hooks or bars

Though a larger shower may provide a place to put hooks inside the enclosure, towel hooks or bars are typically placed outside the shower.  Make sure they are within close range so you can easily access a towel or robe when stepping out of the shower.

5.       Radiator towel warmer

Even better, install a radiator style towel warmer near the shower.  This offers both additional heat for your bathroom as well as readily available warm towels waiting for you when your shower is finished.  What better way to top off a soothing shower than with cozy, warm towels!

Better yet, do not limit yourself to just one of these storage options.  If space and budget allows it, combine the shower storage options that make most sense for your requirements.  Our bathroom design gallery offers more ideas for shower storage, or contact us today for more shower storage bathroom ideas.