Gray Kitchen Designs Done Your Way

Today’s kitchen is the hub of the home, and the center of family life.  The kitchen, particularly open plan kitchen designs, have become much more than a place to prepare food.  They are a central living area and the place where everyone gathers, whether for a family dinner, socializing with friends, or a big holiday party.  When you spend money on a kitchen renovation, you are creating a space that defines the atmosphere and style of your home.

Since a new kitchen tends to be a big investment that will last for years, the color palette is typically neutral so it will survive changes in trends.  White is traditionally the most popular choice, but other common selections include brown, beige, or warm wood tones.  Bright colors are often limited to accent colors or accessories, so they can be more easily changed over time as tastes change. 

While these colors are still very popular, views on kitchen décor have evolved over time to reflect the fact that kitchens are part of the home living space.   Kitchen styles are more sophisticated and incorporate design elements like furniture style cabinetry and large islands that separate cooking, dining, and entertaining spaces.  Artwork, elegant lighting, and comfortable seating may also be found in today’s multi-purpose kitchen.  Likewise, the color palette has evolved, and sophisticated gray tones have become a popular choice as the new neutral for kitchen remodeling. 

Do you think gray is just a single color tone, and perhaps only suited to more contemporary kitchen styles?  Think again!  This neutral is available in an array of shades to fit a variety of design styles.  Here are a few of the reasons why a gray color palette has become so popular:

1.       It sets a sophisticated tone.  Gray is a more subdued neutral than white.  It offers a sophisticated edge to the kitchen, and integrates well with a larger open plan living space.

2.       It provides a calming influence.  Gray is an ideal color for a busy kitchen as it is a calming color that that contributes to a soothing atmosphere.

3.       It is a versatile choice. Gray is probably the most versatile of all neutrals, as it mixes well with other colors, and can be adapted to suit almost any kitchen design style.

4.       It offers a range of shades to suit your room. You may think gray is just one color, but in fact it comes in range of shades and with a variety of different undertones.  Go for a lighter shade to open up a smaller room, or add a dramatic flair with a darker gray in a large room.  Vary the undertone to change the mood of your room, altering it to be either a warmer or cooler color.  Change the look of your room by choosing either a painted cabinet or a stained cabinet that allows some wood grain to show through.

5.       It mixes well with other colors.  Gray mixes well with a range of other colors.  Go for an all gray kitchen, and add a bright accent color to a few accessories.  Or, select gray for certain parts of the room and mix it with other neutrals. 

If you are considering a new kitchen, then a gray color scheme may be the right choice for you.  Consider your personal style, the style of your home, and the mood you want to create in your new kitchen.  Gray tones are an excellent way to maintain a neutral palette while adding a sophisticated flair to any style kitchen.  Click here to get inspired for your kitchen design, or contact us to find out more.