Which Sink is Right for your Kitchen Design?

What is the hardest working part of your kitchen design?  If you live in a busy household or like to cook and entertain, then chances are your kitchen sink sees a lot of daily activity.  Kitchen sinks are no longer one size fits all, and a kitchen renovation is the perfect time to find just the right sink.  The array of materials and styles also mean that today’s sink plays an important role in defining your kitchen style. With so many sink choices available, how do you go about selecting the perfect one?

First, determine your available space and budget, and match this up to household needs.  Size is a key factor, as you do not want to overwhelm a smaller kitchen with a too-large sink.  The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) recommends a standard single-bowl sink (measuring 22 x 24 inches, 8 inches deep) for kitchens under 150 square feet.  If you have more space, look at other options like larger, deeper, or divided sinks, or even customized workstations.  Your renovation budget will play an important role in selecting a sink too.  Some materials are much more expensive than others, and certain options increase installation costs.

Now you can begin the fun process of selecting a sink style, material, and accessories!  There are numerous styles to choose from, including:

Self-rimmed is the most common style and is compatible with almost any countertop.  It tends to be the easiest to install and most affordable, as it sits into a hole cut in the countertop. 

Undermount sinks are installed below the countertop, with the counter forming the edge of the sink, like the design shown below.  The countertop must be cut to exactly fit the sink and be of a material impervious to water.

Integrated style incorporates a sink and countertop made from the same material, such as stainless steel, composites, or natural stone.  This gives a seamless, more modern appearance, and makes it very easy to clean.  The downside is that any damage means the entire countertop and sink must be replaced.

Farm style or apron sinks have become popular again in recent years, and can now be found in a range of materials to suit more than just country style kitchens.  Most farm sinks are deep, and so are ideal for washing larger pots and pans.

Secondary food preparation sinks are ideal if your kitchen is large enough.  Include one in your island or another place away from the main cooking area for a second person to wash and chop vegetables.

Many of these sink styles are available in a range of materials, giving you endless style possibilities.  Stainless steel sinks are still the most popular option, but there are an array of materials available to make your sink the highlight of your kitchen design.

Stainless sinks are still a very popular, easy to maintain, and affordable option that suits a range of styles like the contemporary design shown here.

Cast Iron is a durable sink material, but it is very heavy and must be properly supported in the kitchen cabinet.

Composite, such as granite composite, is a hard-wearing engineered material that gives the look of stone at a lower price.

Natural Stone, like Soapstone, is a durable option with a unique appearance.  It is expensive and heavy, and certain colors of stone can be subject to stains.

Copper creates a distinctive focal point in the kitchen, and is both rust-resistant and antimicrobial, though it does require some special maintenance.

If you like to cook and entertain, a fully customized sink system may be the perfect addition to your kitchen remodeling project.  The Galley Sink creates a personalized work zone, like the kitchen designs pictured below, and helps you easily accomplish everything from food preparation and cooking to serving and cleaning up.  It is available in a variety of sizes and styles, in either undermount or apron.  The sliding tiers allow you to move different accessories in and out easily to suit the task at hand, and makes it simple to clean and store all the sink components.  Contact us today to find out which sink style is right for you, and to learn more about the Galley Sink.