Elevate your Design with Textures

Kitchen and bath design is about more than the practical considerations of where to place the shower and what type of kitchen appliances to select.  While the designs must serve a very utilitarian purpose, they are also an expression of the style and personality of the people who live in that home.  The color scheme, patterns, and shapes you select to complete a room, and how you choose to integrate these elements together, can strongly impact the mood of someone who enters the space. 

Textures also play a significant role in stimulating the senses and therefore tend to evoke certain emotions when we encounter them.  From the time we are small children, we may favor a particularly soft toy or blanket because it gives us a feeling of comfort.  Likewise as adults, we tend to gravitate toward particular fabrics and materials based on how they affect our mood.   It is no surprise then that textures have grown in popularity for bathroom design in recent years.  The bathroom is the room where we get motivated in the morning and where we wind down at the end of a busy day. 

There are numerous materials to choose from, and many ways that textures can be incorporated into a bathroom renovation.  Textured tiles, metal, glass, reclaimed wood, and natural materials like stone or pebbles can all help to elevate your style while also creating a specific mood for your bathroom.  Let us help you get inspired to use textures in your design with these bathroom ideas:

A Soothing Spa Experience: The bathroom pictured below uses clean lines, nature-inspired colors, and natural textures to create the ultimate relaxing retreat.  The wood vanities and wooden door for the sauna immediately transport you to your favorite spa, and contrast nicely with the textures of the surrounding features like the wall tile and sink.  The floor includes a textured tile inlay that creates a distinct focal point in the midst of the sleek main tiles.

A Contemporary Creation: The contemporary bathroom shown below is characterized by a white and gray color scheme and the smooth textures of stone tile, Carrera marble, and an engineered quartz countertop.  The clean lines of this design are offset by touches of contrasting textures that create points of visual interest throughout the room.  This includes the rug design inlay in the Carrera marble floor and the modern style light fixtures with metal over glass pendants.  The leather seat introduces another texture as well as a comfortable place to sit when getting ready, and the painting above the seat brings a pop of color into the otherwise neutral color scheme.

Traditional Textures:  The design below creates a classic space with an edge of rustic charm through the juxtaposition of different textures.  The smooth lines of the freestanding tub stand out against the more rustic textures of the tiles and tile border.  The combination of textures, along with the built-in wood shelves next to the tub, and the earthy color scheme create a relaxing retreat that will help you soothe away the stress of the day.

There are many ways that introducing textures can help to transform your practical bathroom design into a space that will inspire you.  Whatever your style, textures add a new dimension to your room that evokes emotions and brings out your personality.  Contact us here to find out more about incorporating textures into your bathroom renovation.