Shed Light on your Bathroom Design

What do you think about when planning a bathroom renovation?  Maybe you have your heart set on a spa-style shower, a fantastic vanity full of purpose-built storage, or that unique glass vessel sink. Your new bathroom is comprised of many different components and your bathroom design expert can assist you in pulling all of your practical and style requirements together into a cohesive design. 

After planning every detail of your new bathroom, make sure you don’t leave yourself in the dark by neglecting to include a multi-layered lighting design!  Your bathroom is where you start and end your day, and has become much more than just a utilitarian space.  Many people are designing their bathrooms to be a spa-style retreat, and even powder rooms have become a place to showcase your personal style to guests visiting your home.

Lighting this space requires considerable thought to make sure you are not left in shadow while applying make-up or under glaring lights while relaxing in the tub.  Similar to kitchen lighting requirements discussed in our recent blog here, your bathroom lighting should consist of task, ambient, accent, and decorative elements to get the most effective lighting throughout the bathroom.  Here are the key areas you should focus on when planning bathroom lighting:

See yourself in the best light:  The bathroom has key work zones like the vanity and shower that must be well lit by ample task lighting, like the bathrooms pictured below.  The vanity in particular requires proper lighting for shaving, applying make-up, and other activities where you need to be able to see clearly.  This cannot be accomplished with a single overhead light fixture, as it casts light downward on your forehead and leaves the rest of your face in shadow.  The best option for a vanity is wall-mounted light fixtures or sconces on either side of the mirror at approximately eye level, which ensures that light is spread evenly and no area is left in shadow. 

Create a relaxing environment: There is a reason why spa style bathrooms have become so popular, as many people are choosing to transform their bathroom into a soothing retreat.  The bathroom is a space where you get inspired in the morning to start your day or ease the stress of the day with a relaxing shower or bath in the evening.  To achieve this effect, you must incorporate gentle ambient lighting, which can include natural light sources or ambient light fixtures.  Recessed ceiling lights, pendant or chandelier fixtures, cove lighting, or toe kick lights for night time are all options to meet your ambient lighting needs.  Combine these light fixtures with a dimmer switch to gain complete control over lighting levels and set the mood you want to create in your bathroom.

Highlight your style: Many people use a bathroom remodeling project as an opportunity to express their personal style by including unique tile designs, one-of-a-kind mirrors, and art work.  Accent lighting such as a recessed spotlight can be included to highlight those design features you want everyone to see while visiting your bathroom.

Add a design flair: Your light source itself can be a feature in your bathroom design when you include decorative lighting fixtures, like those pictured to the right.  A stylish chandelier, pendant light, or wall sconces can be an integral part of your design while helping to light specific areas like the bathtub.   Even a unique lamp that complements your bathroom style can play a role in your lighting design, but make sure the lamp meets all safety considerations for use in a bathroom before including it.

Many light fixtures perform more than one function, particularly when a dimmer switch is added allowing you to change lighting levels to create a particular atmosphere.  Every bathroom, even a small hall bath or powder room, requires a multi-layered lighting design to make sure you see your new bathroom design in the best light.  Contact us today to find out more or visit our design gallery page for more bathroom ideas.