Taking Time to Learn at the SEN Fall 2015 Conference

Every year we take time away from our busy schedules in the showroom to share knowledge with our colleagues in the kitchen and bath design industry, to learn about new products from vendor partners, and to gain insights into improving business processes to better serve our customers.  SEN is the kitchen and bath industry’s first and largest buying group.  As part of its goal of providing valuable industry education to members, SEN offers a Fall and Spring conference every year.  These conferences are comprised of workshops, panels, and roundtables featuring nationally renowned kitchen and bath experts.

Woodmaster Kitchens was represented at the SEN Fall 2015 Conference held in Cincinnati, OH on September 16-19, in both a teaching and a learning capacity.  Raffael Brugnoni hosted a workshop, participated in a range informative sessions, and engaged in discussions with kitchen and bath design colleagues.  The vendor partner tabletop showcases the exciting new products available for kitchen remodeling and bathroom renovations, and helps keep us updated on the latest innovations.

Sharing Our Experience

Over the course of the four day conference a series of sessions and roundtables were held on topics ranging from “Hiring and Growing Your Team Today” to “New Ways of Understanding Your Customer”.  As part of the education mission of SEN, each conference session aims to provide advice and insights to participants on how to optimize processes to create a successful business and provide the best possible service to customers. 

Raffael Brugnoni shared his extensive knowledge of the kitchen and bath industry in his session on how to more effectively sell plumbing fixtures.  Raffael’s workshop on “Plumbing 201: How to Sell Plumping Fixtures Profitably Using the GBB Selling System”, explored the best ways to present and sell plumbing fixtures to both grow business profitably and provide the best product advice to customers. 

The Latest Product Trends

The SEN Design Group conference brings together existing and new vendor partners.  These vendors showcase their latest products at the vendor tabletop and educate SEN members on their product lines and the best ways to sell their products.  This interaction with vendors is invaluable as it provides an opportunity to stay up to date on the latest product developments.  The knowledge we gain helps inspire our kitchen and bath design team to create innovative designs and make the best product choices for customers.

The most exciting product we saw at the conference was the Oceania tubs and shower systems.  Their freestanding tubs are high quality 100% Lucite acrylic and have hidden legs for easy installation.  They come in variety of looks with a favorable pricing scheme. 

The most interesting product from Oceania is their Optimale series bath and shower system, which has a modular tub and shower pan that fit tightly together. The unique shower pan design does not allow excess water to run outside of the pan rim. The bath and shower can be arranged in a linear, side (like the example pictured here from their website), parallel, or angular mounting.  This approach optimizes available space because there is no need to build a deck or shower curbs, and the elimination of one construction step can save money.  The configuration is extremely useful for smaller bathrooms, but could be a great addition to any new bathroom. 

We are looking forward to the opportunity to incorporate the Oceania tubs and showers, and other products we saw at the SEN conference into our bathroom designs this year.  These exciting new products and the valuable business insights we gained from the workshops will continue to inspire us over the coming year.  Contact us today to find out more!