Design your Home for Entertaining

The holidays are upon us, and for many people that means hosting parties and welcoming guests into our homes.  This can be fun time of year as you shop, plan festivities, and prepare your home for the influx of visitors.   While decorating and preparing special treats are a great way to get in the holiday spirit and make your guests feel welcome, your kitchen and bath design can also play an important role.  There are many ways you can design your home to make entertaining not only easier, but also more enjoyable for you and your guests. 

Open plan kitchen: the kitchen is the hub of the modern home and it also tends to be the gathering place for most parties.  An open plan kitchen design is ideally suited to entertaining, as it provides a fluid space for hosts and guests to mix between the food preparation, eating, and seating areas.  Add integrated electronics into your open plan kitchen, such as a wall-mounted flat screen television, built-in docking and charging stations and more, and you will easily be playing music or watching the New Year’s Eve ball drop while you cook and socialize.

Island entertaining: today’s kitchen island serves many purposes, and is a common feature in most kitchen remodeling projects.  It serves as a space for extra storage and food preparation and a place for eating and chatting.  The island can even be a unique design focal point and a critical component of the kitchen layout, clearly marking out different zones for work and leisure.  The island can therefore be the ideal meeting place for hosts and guests when you entertain, allowing you to continue with your food preparation while guests have a comfortable place to eat and talk without interfering with  the flow of the kitchen.  It can also provide much needed extra seating when you are hosting a large holiday gathering like this kitchen design pictured above.

Beverage bar: one of the first things we typically ask a guest when they arrive is if they would like a beverage.   Providing visitors with a designated place to get drinks during the course of the event will make your job as the host much simpler and will make your guests feel more at home.  This beverage center could be anything from a small area in your kitchen with a coffee bar and extra counter space to lay out drinks, to a separate under counter beverage refrigerator to store cold drinks, or even a full bar offering an array of drinks to your guests, like the one pictured to the left.

Guest Bath:  in the midst of the festivities guests will need a comfortable place to freshen up.  A powder room should make your guests feel relaxed by giving them a little retreat from the event. Soft lighting with a dimmer switch can maintain the party atmosphere while still allowing them to turn up the lights if necessary.  A vanity with countertop space gives guests a place to put their purse and toiletries while reapplying lipstick, and provides necessary storage space so guests always have extra toilet paper and towels to hand.  Your guest bathroom should be a comfortable home away from home for overnight guests.  Built in ledges in the shower and vanity storage will give you a place to provide toiletries so your guests will not have to worry if they forgot to pack something.

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